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  1. According to this article the calculation of WN8 doesnt take into account tier: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/547149-wn8-formula-detailed-breakdown-stat-nerds-should-drop-by/ I think the creator of WN8 made a matchematical blunder! If the calculation of individual tanks are correct then the sum of a group of tanks should be the weighted average. Any discrepancy is mathematically wrong...
  2. So i download my 30 day statistics into excel. It contains a WN8 number per tank and i do some math on my own. Wotlabs average says 1931, but if i take average of the WN8 per tank column (without taking into account the number of games) i get 1801. If i multiply each tank WN8 with number of games, add them together and divided by total games i get 2246. Are there some hidden formula that takes tier, or number of games into account when calculating WN8 across multiple vehicle? Othervise the math seems wrong...
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