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  1. Yes, but how can I get to know my copula is hidden. Some rock are big enough that we're sure it's covering us, but some rocks are more or less of the size of our tank. Then it's tricky to get to know if we're really hidden. That's what is actually behind my question. You can be falsely assured you're hidden, when you have large copula and thin roof, you're gonna get destroyed quickly.
  2. Thank you for the answer. Is this the top, bottom or central point of the gun? Then there's another question. Is there any reliable way to make sure my copula is hidden behind the rock? Or the only one is to hide behind a really large rock?
  3. Does anyone know where is the point where the camera viewpoint for the 1st person perspective is placed? Is it the place on the turret where is the barrel put? If so is it bottom, center or top of that gun mount point? Or maybe some other point? I'm asking as I'd like to know which part of my tank is visible, when I can see the the enemy barrel aimed at me.
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