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  1. I remember I saw a section for World of Tanks mods on this forum but can't find it anymore. Can someone show me where is it, please?:S

    1. Haswell
    2. Private_Miros


      Should be obvious that none of those are up to date. The official mod portal is the only one that guarantees accepted mods too.

    3. DrWeb7_1


      3 hours ago, Private_Miros said:

      Should be obvious that none of those are up to date. The official mod portal is the only one that guarantees accepted mods too.

      Well, I'm always referring to WGMods portal when it comes to my products so if I start a topic here, it will contain links to that website.

  2. Yep, that's what I said previously. So... we should stay tuned and monitor the prices on all that stuff!
  3. I'd be fine at least with Ryzen 5 3600 which is Zen 2, but if respective Zen 3 model will work with B450 chipset for real, that would be better solution for me. Still hanging out with i5-4570 here.
  4. Yeah, they look very nice. According to Gamers Nexus, they will be also supported on systems with B450 and X470 chipsets, the beta versions of firmwares that include Zen 3 support will be available on January '21. That means that it will be possible to run such CPUs under Windows 8.1 or/and Windows 7, if a person still needs those operating systems for his needs.
  5. New generation of Ryzen CPUs was presented today. What's your thoughts on this? Am I the only one who thinks that AM4 socket is that rare case of long-living platforms that can handle multiple generations of the same yet improving processor?
  6. My rig was built in middle 2017 on LGA1150 platform because I was not happy with LGA1151 those days and was not interested in AMD either. Also I'm using Windows 8.1 because Windows 10 is not my option due to really bad behavior on all of my hardware (builds newer than 1507 produced ton of errors) and Windows 7 is about "we disabled Aero because that application sucks". Assuming that AM4 boards with B450/X470 chipsets support Windows 7, reusing these drivers in Windows 8.1 won't be a problem for me. Also 8.1 has native NVMe support, so there will no hassle with driver embedding.
  7. When it comes to new generation hardware, I prefer doing "tier+1" upgrade scheme. For example, I have used GTX 1050 from 2017 till 2020. Since 2020 I have GTX 1660 I already mentioned. When hypothetical 1700 series will be launched, the upgrade would be like GTX 1660 => GTX 1770.
  8. I'm happy with my GeForce GTX 1660 and I don't have any plans to replace it for next three years.
  9. I excluded that map right after that function became available.
  10. Same applies to Windstorm, in my opinion. That was a decent map that got scrapped after update 1.0/0.9.23.
  11. Map exclusion menu represents the list of all maps available in the game. You can also give a shot to an article to official Wargaming Wiki, but some data may be incorrect or/and outdated.
  12. I like the soundtracks for this map, personally. The map design is good as well, but looks like the curvature of my hands does not allow me to play acceptably efficient.
  13. I'm starting to hate update 1.10 not for forcing Equipment 2.0 to everyone but splitting game UI package in two files.

  14. Okay, I have found a way to bypass Game Center while logging in to Common Test server. Never thought that simple e-mail recovery would help resolving that issue.

  15. Wargaming.net Game Center consists only of Chromium-based web browser, dozens of bugs and useless code routines. Old launcher did it better and still does.

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    2. DrWeb7_1


      10 hours ago, Rexxie said:

      Is there a way to use the old launcher?

      Sure there is a way. I'm running the OMLauncher project that converts WGC update info to WoTLauncher one.


      4 hours ago, echo9835 said:

      This helps with Gamecenter. It isn't a way around it, but it helps.

      That's pointless, imo.:O

    3. Rexxie


      Damn, looks like OMLauncher only supports RU/EU. Maybe someday!

    4. DrWeb7_1


      16 minutes ago, Rexxie said:

      Damn, looks like OMLauncher only supports RU/EU. Maybe someday!

      It also supports Sandbox server, though without integrity verification feature (yet). I thought of implementing NA server support, but I realized that I won't have enough time to serve three major servers.

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