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  1. I'm starting to hate update 1.10 not for forcing Equipment 2.0 to everyone but splitting game UI package in two files.

  2. Okay, I have found a way to bypass Game Center while logging in to Common Test server. Never thought that simple e-mail recovery would help resolving that issue.

  3. Wargaming.net Game Center consists only of Chromium-based web browser, dozens of bugs and useless code routines. Old launcher did it better and still does.

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    2. DrWeb7_1


      10 hours ago, Rexxie said:

      Is there a way to use the old launcher?

      Sure there is a way. I'm running the OMLauncher project that converts WGC update info to WoTLauncher one.


      4 hours ago, echo9835 said:

      This helps with Gamecenter. It isn't a way around it, but it helps.

      That's pointless, imo.:O

    3. Rexxie


      Damn, looks like OMLauncher only supports RU/EU. Maybe someday!

    4. DrWeb7_1


      16 minutes ago, Rexxie said:

      Damn, looks like OMLauncher only supports RU/EU. Maybe someday!

      It also supports Sandbox server, though without integrity verification feature (yet). I thought of implementing NA server support, but I realized that I won't have enough time to serve three major servers.

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