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  1. I ended up re-completing Alliance-15. For the Alliance from the 279(e) Alliance set. Luckily, I didn't instantly sell the M41 Bulldog that I used to complete it without honors the first time, and even squeezed out a 3 mark on it while finishing with honors. It was well worth buying that and the B-C 12 t back to complete both the 15's but I did find the B-C 12 t a little more difficult to get 1st classes on. With Coalition-4 out of the way I'm now the proud owner of a 279(e), thank you to everyone for all the helpful advice and tank recommendations you've provided. For those still in the C
  2. Thanks to grinding out campaign missions I've played a decent number of artillery games directly before and after the patch. My games post patch were entirely with non-stun HE rounds for internal crit missions and interestingly I have averaged very similar DPG to the pre-patch pre-nerf rounds. This indicates to me that you now have to choose between doing similar amounts of damage as before, or doing smaller amounts of damage and assisting your teams direct engagements. A moderate nerf to a class that already had significant issues with influencing solo win rate, high floor - low ceiling.
  3. I'm having a ton of trouble making any progress on Coalition-4 A Crushing Blow post the 1.13 patch and it's HE nerf. Specifically, this line of the patch notes which I think has gone fairly unnoticed so far; The probability of causing critical damage to internal modules and crew members was decreased. Anecdotally it seems to affect tank HE and also the pure damage HE shells on artillery which can still cause internal damage without a penetration unlike the stun rounds. So far I have tried, Standard B with HESH Progetto 65 with HESH Lorraine 155 51 with pure da
  4. Where do you find out a shells penetration drop off over range? Say I wanted to compare the GSOR's AP and APCR against each other at various ranges is there an accurate way to do that outside of feeling it out?
  5. Speaking of Bounty equipment, they are now statisically inferior to Bond equipment. So if you've spent time grinding events, or money on the improved battle passes you too can enjoy the bait and switch like I am... Think I'm done spending on this game now.
  6. So 1.10 has been live on SEA for about two hours, and the patch accidentally doubled everyones credits. Incoming rollback?

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      i hope this happens for NA

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      I sold off a bunch of junk just in case, but I doubt they'll let it slide.

    4. GehakteMolen


      i got 111 million credits now, with double i got 220 then xD

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