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  1. Thanks! Is there any reason to buy collector tanks? I mean other than that you actually enjoy playing them. Another question - is there any way to retrain crews from one tank to another that doesn't either cost gold or result in losing a massive amount of XP? If there's not it looks like the best option for me will be to skip the early tiers with free XP that I pile up on the two tier V British tanks that I got from an invite code. It's that or just play through the low tiers with throwaway 50% crews... And one more question, is there a site where I can look at tank armor models? There was one back in the day, and googling told me that tanks.gg had that, but it doesn't seem to any more.
  2. ngl sounds like runescape would be less grindy. Thanks for the very informative reply
  3. I played a long time ago, my favorite tank was the Marder, which seems not to exist anymore. It was a tier 4 TD with a nice 76mm gun. Oh well. But the game seems to be vastly more complex now - What is a bond and a directive? And now there's tons of missions available, as well as premium gear, crew boosters, a grand battle mode, about 700 new maps, and revisions to the old ones, and a million other things. At least the graphics look awesome Anyway, I rerolled and made a new account, which I intend to spend no money at all on. Is there a guide somewhere on how to maximize the return from all of these missions? Or a youtuber who has been covering all these updates? The whole thing is rather bewildering. Or should I just go to the official forums and leave you unicorns alone.
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