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  1. Welcome, you made your first post in the purple poaster section, where the posts need to be approved. Don't let that form of "censorship" scare you back into the lurk though.

    1. Kuratovsky


      A genuinely warm welcome from the Head Moderator themself, I'm honored! This place truly is a breath of fresh air compared to your average WoT community platform. Regarding the approval needed in that section, I thought it had to do with me being new, but this makes sense too given the standards set there. I'll surely stick around and chime in whenever I can contribute. ;)

  2. What do you think about BalCalcMod? It lets you lock your gun elevated for a given distance, and thus actually hit moving/unspotted tanks on top of ridgelines, instead of launching your shell into the orbit. It's been part of Aslain's for ages, now on the official mod portal. This means it's perfectly legal, yet it somehow still makes me feel dirty whenever I think about it. (Also, hi WoTLabs Forum! I've been lurking around here for years already, before this quality post finally made me actually write something...)
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