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  1. I think its less, you have to account for the roasted by WOT variable, which gets you approximately... *puts into calculator* #### all.
  2. STG; Its not a defender but its still really strong. The gun, all acc related stats are fairly good, aside from bloom. Some snapshot ability. Its a rear turret med but it's not very noticeable. Gun depression and flexibility is too good. The armor bounces some things, if you control the situation well, it can bounce quite a bit, but main point is VR battle, can be used like a slow light tank. Can easily counterscout. VR Games + reliable, accurate 390 alpha. The overmatch lets you pen Strv103's, rarely can't pen. High flexibility makes you feel confident. Easy tank. Low DPM is somewhat felt, but can be played as pseudolight to get as many shooting opportunities as possible. Rammer/Vstab/Spotting is ideal for STG.
  3. I'm still a pubbie firing AP, not using food, etc, so I guess that's why I feel the tank is better than it really is? There's some talk about differing sigma, I doubt its real, but a placebo effect. Rushing shots because of your tanks defense stats + confirmation bias The tank gun doesn't have good base acc. The acc numbers are often said to be unimportant but I don't think this is true. 0.38 base inacc just isn't there, 0.36 ish is when you feel the gun is very accurate. (0.41A vs 0.45A, ~10% diff) The tank doesn't have that much firepower to begin with so every shot you waste is devastating. For "Memegade"; if it forces them to aim its armor, your pennable profile diminishes drastically thanks to UFP.
  4. I'd have thought the 122 44 would be better than all of the other listed tanks... I'm missing something, so I'm coming up with some uncommon opinions, please don't hesitate to tell me.
  5. ^ Briefly; "focus is too narrow" in many words. Overall, WG does not seem to have a vision for balance the game, and is conducting itself poorly.
  6. Common people can see the problems at a glance. It literally doesn't even take a test server. They could hire me as balance dev and get better balance. (implying I'm not a good choice) You don't even need to test to see the problems. This is just standard corporate shenanigans.
  7. The Object 140 has the T-62A's historical gun depression now. (T-62 had -6* with 11.5cm, -7* with 10cm D-54/D-10, while 140 had -5* with D-54/D-10) Regarding AMX 30 comment, the real tanks 10.5cm is stronger (AP) than the 10.5cm L7 (but not by a lot). Gameplay changes German tank changes are good for them, aside from PTA, but not good for the game. Lighter armor remains shafted as usual The Chinese mediums... T-34-2's hardly changed, WZ-120's still worse and uglier than pre-HD, 121 WG fake tank remains mediocre. The T-34-2's changes set the pace for Chinese med changes. Way too little, and WG even exacted a toll for it. All they had to do was give T-34-2's 122 normal accuracy and good DPM, that's easily good enough. But I guess WG wants to sell more T-34-3's, so if the 34-2's worse even in alpha, they'll sell more.
  8. Just some historical nitpicking; Guns While 88/71 is strong IRL, its only 'weak' in current context. I would lower 88/71 pen to 190, a few mm worse than tier7 D-10T with worse bleed off. BL-9 is just a name ingame. IRL, its the 88/71 of 12.2cm guns; the D-25T already overpowers the long 88. Tiger at tier 7 could have; 88/56 with good DPM and bloom (despite not having stabilizers), or 88/71 mediocre DPM, and average bloom on movement. Similar case for tier 8 Tiger 2. So its a choice between existing, more balanced, or more minmaxed. Tanks Ferdi seems like a wild tier 7. A bit like a German T95. Since KT is t8, Ferdi is t7. IS-2 t8 isn't that difficult; 45ton medium with more firepower than previous tier TD is hard to screw up. The Germans are being made out as the armor heavies and the IS-2 pens the turret at range. That's how insane the gun is. Its balanced by IS-2 subpar armor letting it take critical damage from tier 5's frontally and worse bloom. T30 didn't ever have TX potential. The 15cm is almost a howitzer and the mantlet is weaker IRL.
  9. I don't like the low tier HP buff. It is better than before considering serious tier problems, but its a bandaid for larger problems and the numbers even show it. 4H is still 2 shotting people semi-reliably. Just now it runs IRM + GLD, doesn't 1 pen, but 2 pens with AP/HEAT. 2 shots 700 damage and a tier 5 med has ~600 HP. The tank balance has been always bad, and the basic reason is that WG doesn't really care. Historical accuracy matters, and frankly, if WG actually adhered to reality (they haven't since IS-7), we'd have a lot better game right now. I don't really get why people like higher tiers, and never have. Its all really stale and full of tank statwank* so its offputting. I didn't like the HP climb from tier6+, felt tier 6 was a nice place. But then lower tier gameplay is terrible so that might be why. I'm also on the extra aggressive side The game was better with fewer tanks like in early 2012 For a while now, tanks have been going too fast, and this has been true with 140, less 62A, but also Cromwell**. It makes the game more annoying to play. Its OK with tank like Leopard 1. Gold ammo is kind of a problem but not really. The overall tank statwank is the real problem since WG flew off the handle, this was exemplified in shit like 15cm RHM. 2nd German TD line was a mistake Tank balance; This is supposed to be hidden but help I can't use spoilers properly uptier all Soviet TX meds out of the game, T-54 to TX, Soviet IS series heavies, IS-6, IS-3, IS-5, etc, IS-3 & IS-5 could be tier 9's, with T-10B as TX. IS-2 to tier 8 with a proto IS at tier 7. Remove IS-7. Ungimp their stats, as well as D-10T, D-25T, ditch BL-9/M62 and so on. If Leopard 1A0 is TX, this is the way. Part of the stat creep; speed, DPM, armor, etc, like how tier 6 meds suddenly all penned tier 7 med values ~145 on a regular basis instead of being the lucky exception. Chi To/VKM/and a handful can have ~150, rest not. common "lower end" pen, ~120-130 typically in tier 6, ~140 in tier 7, ~230 TX, but assuming tank like IS-3 is tier 9. In tier 8; STA-1 pen to ~170, D-10T pen to ~190-200 with ~300 alpha, as an example.
  10. Thanks In general Cent 5/1 just doesn't have raw firepower. Caern AX adds ~30% base DPM without penalty; that's the most important aspect. The armor I think, isn't even ~250 AP/APCR because the UFP can't be relied on before then, and you lose a lot of flexibility, or bleed massively. 5/1's armor has 1 small advantage; the cupola is more challenging, I believe, but that's not comforting when confronted with such an absolute advantage overall. The LFP is a little narrower too which helps in sidescraping. Yes, I did lose my old account Cent 5/1 firepower limitation combined with relative fragility, its an unrewarding, stressful experience, and it can even go through your credits as you decide its minimum food. I compensated by going to places like K0 Highway, straight into the fight, damage farm with early position advantage, but there's surely a better way than to just sit in a corner and shoot at people.
  11. Bourrasque seems disgustingly strong (compared to lights and soft armored). It spots like a light on the move, when stationary it outspots them, low pen still butters the softs. Drive by shootings are uncounterable and are for ~1/2 HP. Its min maxed in a way that kinda fucks over anything light right? It also seems to show WG's utter contempt for scouts as a class. That aside; optics over CVS? Various builds PM10 E2.0; IRM vents rammer, nice t7 med Tiger1 E2.0; IRM/GLD/Turbo, or IRM/Turbo/Ram, firepower isn't really tiger problem, fixes acc and adds speed, Tiger always too slow WZ-131&132 haven't really changed Cents5/1 IRM rammer vstab & 7/1 - can finally snap Yolotiger, HT6 with grousers/turbo/rammer, play fast and loose, it has a bad rep, but I'm seeing a pretty easy 1.4k DPG atm. Also optics + cvs ftw
  12. EDIT: I messed the post up partway somewhere... A long time ago, in a game far far away... Episode 5: The Heavium Strikes Back Cent 5/1 RAAC. Its the t9Cent with 20pdr trading DPM to go down a tier. Gun has good accuracy, can hit weakspots, but needs bloom management. This tank is really a heavium, but not really in the sense the T-10 is. Its more, when its set up, they're toast, but while you're moving, you're a medium. Characteristics;
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