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  1. My favourite play that I've watched so far that was actually proactive was going 1-line, specifically this position that allowed this player to absolutely murder the enemy heavies. I think with this play south can probably win the 1-line with plenty of time to get back into position to defend their cap from the enemies who went forest. I am wondering if this guy was 'lucky' or if Murovanka played optimally would turn into an east vs west battle.
  2. A while back I tested both Grousers and 105-octane gasoline on the T26E4 TurboPershing and found that both subtracted about 2.5 seconds to the time it takes the T26E4 to reach safety on the Mines hill from a favourable south spawn (Not that you'd ever want to go there in an actual game). After that test, I've kept both on the tank for a turbo-grousers-vert stab-gasoline setup that seems really meme but has felt very comfortable and effective to play. Being able to quickly turn your front towards enemies and wiggle back and forth and of course getting into position along with the slower mediums has made it into a very fun to play tank for me (I don't like heavies). Probably not a viable setup that lack the crazy armour profile the T26E4 has.
  3. Reading here and elsewhere, Murovanka seems to be one of the WoT community's favourite maps, or should I say 'least hated'? At first glance, it seems to be a map where no class is king and no class is useless, which is a rare quality among WoT maps as we all know. Being the relative noob that I am, I often struggle to play well on it, so I went to wotreplays.com and checked out a bunch of ace tanker replays. It's always fun to see different approaches to playing a map by all the different players out there, I love the diversity. But then I noticed something: from south spawn almost no successful medium player ever starts out going forest. The north spawn seems to have some relatively safe positions overlooking the forest and allowing for damage farming, but south doesn't seem to get those. So then I looked at quantity of ace tanker replays uploaded by spawn position. Turns out tier 9-10 mediums have 38 ace tanker replays uploaded from north spawn, while there are just 18 such a replays from south spawn, that's more than double! Then I looked at every other map in the game, and found out that this 20 replay difference was the biggest of all maps in the game. The closest were the expected offenders Mountain Pass and Mines (south and north favoured, respectively) with a difference of 19 replays between spawns, and then Pilsen at 18 (no idea what's up there, but not the focus of this thread). What do you folks think, is south spawn horribly disadvanted, at least for mediums? Is forest a death trap or do people just not know how to play it?
  4. So I looked through the thread and as far as I can tell these maps are not on any poster's ban list: Berlin El Halluf Lakeville Live Oaks Malinovka Murovanka Redshire Ruinberg Prokhorovka Serene Coast Steppes Tundra Westfield Not a list of maps I'd personally get very enthusiastic about, except for Mali, Redshire and Prokh (indeed, I do like to play light tanks, how could you tell?). I think I like Live Oaks quite a bit for most classes. Considering the Map Discussion forum on this very site has a tagline that says no-one is allowed to like Serene Coast..I'm quite surprised it's on the list.
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