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  1. Well I came back to see how the T49 plays after the changes and I was instantly reminded of The Godfather when a fully aimed shot took a hard right straight into the mantlet of a Pantera and did 153 damage. I'm going to have to keep playing to see how I feel about all this but damn am I going to miss slapping heavies in the face for 200-300.
  2. Well my editing skills are non existent so heres a raw compilation of 2 taps. https://www.dropbox.com/s/anujjkv2v5bz41j/A Tale Of Two Derps(1).mp4?dl=0
  3. Just another day in the life of a derp. https://www.gifyourgame.com/CostlyAlgoidKoopabros
  4. Yeah I find ill land most of my shots provided I plan out my approach to minimize gun bloom.Prime example I had spotted the T49 earlier and saw he didn't move much on the minimap so I assumed he would still be sitting there waiting for me to peek again. https://www.gifyourgame.com/UnshornCostumedHolzoff
  5. Paris and Minsk. If there is one thing WG has done over the years to piss me off the most it isn't arty, lack of weakspots, the abuse of light tanks, or EBRs. It's been map design and has been the most depressing thing about playing light tanks. Let's take Kharkov for example. As a light tank I have 2 options when the game starts either go 1 line and brawl with mediums dodging arty fire all the while or (if there are no wheelie bois) go middle and sit in a bush in F4 or E4 spotting maybe 2 TDs who probably won't get shot. That's it and its fucking boring.
  6. @churchill50 Thanks man! Arty rage is a beautiful thing. @SchnitzelTruck I'm running bond vents/vstab and bounty IRM so that might explain things. Daily gif:https://www.gifyourgame.com/RecurvedVenousCosmicmario
  7. Wow I really shit the bed on the whole daily gif thing. Oh well. How to win a flank in 2 easy steps. Step 1: Driveby https://www.gifyourgame.com/DotalMeaslyBessiebass Step 2: Abuse idiots https://www.gifyourgame.com/DermoidNaifDoctoreggman
  8. @PlanetaryGenocide Thanks man! Also daily gif https://www.gifyourgame.com/CraftyPresentOntos
  9. Daily gif time. https://www.gifyourgame.com/FribblePlumbousKuluu Also I finally 3 marked the t49 https://imgur.com/hsTs1Dx
  10. Seems odd they think it's a bad idea to introduce more wheelies based on feedback but have british wheelies planned... Also pls no nerf t49.
  11. The CS-53 is probably the worst tier 8 medium I've ever played.

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    2. lavawing


      TVP and CDC: allow us to introduce ourselves

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Looks pretty middle of the pack among tier8 tech tree meds. Its a lackluster bunch

    4. minivinny789


      Alright I have to revise my opinion after dropping rammer and putting a turbo on the 53. This tank is manageable now. 

  12. Time for breakfast and a morning gif. https://www.gifyourgame.com/BoarishSwirlyEseries
  13. Last night I finally got 2 other people running T49s and man oh man is it absolutely ridiculous. Took the hill on Tundra and proceeded to derp anything spotted. Of course one of our clickers decided that we weren't scouting properly and spent the entire game telling us we were trash. https://www.gifyourgame.com/WrathlessSandedBrighid https://www.gifyourgame.com/AdvisedMergingShelkethetransparent https://www.gifyourgame.com/ColdishUndockedPeach
  14. Even if i am the only one here, the gifs must flow. https://www.gifyourgame.com/EastwardLamestAndross
  15. Bought 75 boxes, already had the burrito and got all 3 tier 8s. Also got 3 mil credits, 31k gold and 59 days of prem. I didn't really care about the premiums I just wanted gold and premium time so im happy with it.
  16. 254k base xp. Ouch. I'll try and grind it out not like there's much sanity left to lose.
  17. Grinding low tiers again made me remember why I used to free exp everything.

  18. Alright i got some replays from my attempted 3 mark sessions. Anon:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hfizovk3qkb569o/AAAKVI-BODC6WMDsFC2LvwM5a?dl=0 NonAnon:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/chfwgymrow1kjuj/AABD9EMOjqDAbSvoZLD9B12Ga?dl=0
  19. After a delightful vacation from tanks I just had to come back and play my baby. Sadly some old habits came back like my propensity for autoaim but damn is the T49 still fun. Also seems I've broken spoilers.
  20. The gun seems to disperse less on turret rotation or atleast it feels that way. As for the rest of the gun, on tanks with the old HE that I would've penned for 900+ damage i now do a solid 570. Same 200ish damage to heavies unless it's a super and the new 0 damage crits are painful. Things are even worse for the Derpidan... RIP Derp Squad.
  21. Oh my this looks like a crypt. Time to do my part.
  22. Yeah we pretty much have the same skills, although i did take Adrenaline Rush for no reason at all. At this point I have all the skills I need. Now speaking of the lack of gifs in this thread....
  23. So any ideas on 5th skill for commander? Right now im rockin BIA, SS, Camo, Sit Awareness. Debating between repairs or recon.
  24. After rage quitting tanks over Christmas "break" I came back to play the only tank that brings me joy. Sadly low rolls hurt me even more. https://gfycat.com/MilkyMiserableBanteng Edit: seems ive broken embedding gifs.
  25. Oh yeah Barks started streaming again. I used to take that opening shot but then i wouldn't be loaded again for my first face off with another tank.
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