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  1. The gun seems to disperse less on turret rotation or atleast it feels that way. As for the rest of the gun, on tanks with the old HE that I would've penned for 900+ damage i now do a solid 570. Same 200ish damage to heavies unless it's a super and the new 0 damage crits are painful. Things are even worse for the Derpidan... RIP Derp Squad.
  2. Oh my this looks like a crypt. Time to do my part.
  3. Yeah we pretty much have the same skills, although i did take Adrenaline Rush for no reason at all. At this point I have all the skills I need. Now speaking of the lack of gifs in this thread....
  4. So any ideas on 5th skill for commander? Right now im rockin BIA, SS, Camo, Sit Awareness. Debating between repairs or recon.
  5. After rage quitting tanks over Christmas "break" I came back to play the only tank that brings me joy. Sadly low rolls hurt me even more. https://gfycat.com/MilkyMiserableBanteng Edit: seems ive broken embedding gifs.
  6. Oh yeah Barks started streaming again. I used to take that opening shot but then i wouldn't be loaded again for my first face off with another tank.
  7. Damn it is easy to get 2 marks on the leo pta.

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    cant spel
  8. I have seduced another to the wonderful ways of the T49 and man is dual derps fun! Here we see an Emil in its natural habitat, little does it know that danger lurks nearby. A poor Leopard trying valiantly to defend his base is no match for some sweet sweet lovin.
  9. Oh I am saying it. The stars aligned for that shot and RNGesus betrayed me the next 3 games.
  10. Thanks guys, but it's never going to happen again.
  11. Longest Win/Loss streak mostly so I can compare my epeen and find it lacking. I do also like the idea of most played tanks.
  12. I for one cannot wait until I become a detriment to my team by playing light tanks. This gon be good.
  13. Thread too dead for me. Here is some shitty t49 gameplay. 6k combined. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4573639#redshire-minivinny789-t49
  14. Well for the Order 66 example you also have to realize the proximity the other jedi were to the clones. Obi-Wan was the only one far enough away to take advantage of his inverse-high ground advantage. When you can reach out and touch a jedi they have no chance to react to their imminent demise.
  15. My 28.01 seems to get artied a lot

  16. China's Tank Division

  17. Insurgency is pretty good and +1 for chivalry.
  18. The top engine for the WZ-120 gives only 20 more engine power, is it worth getting?
  19. Your voice is so soothing i can't even tell if you rage or not.
  20. Garbad thoughts on WZ-132 crews skills? Right now im running (all skills 66% on 3rd) Commander:6th,camo,recon Gunner:camo,designated target,snap shot Driver:camo,smooth ride,off-road driving Loader:camo,Situational Awareness,Repairs
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