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  1. pushing gold spam has occur for years now. By making better scaled premium ammunition from tanks like 52 LIS, which gain monstrous muzzle velocity. or giving really poor pen to other new ones as GSOR and bourque, making many just spam premium. Also with up armour cupolas and smaller weakness, why not, gold spam. It technicly also a free rammer slot, because less aiming means more firing. quick firing. I like these HE changes, though I think the -through- penetrations need some fixes. I like how they made HE get entirely swallow by tracks at acute angle, or gun mantlet hit. I think it keeps
  2. Why are you such a bully? Wer you spank too hard as a child? Why are you so full of it? Dude, you average 2,600 blue stats in many tanks, and you talk shit like you have every tank in the game thrd mark. Go into training room, shoot the same spot with HE and you get different results every fucking time. Some will hit 50%, some will do complet 0. only retarded people say HE is consistent, when HE pen, it is consistent. Go into training room and see it yourself. I am not comparing your hot air to what I have to say. I am comparing it to what I got, out of iyouxin's movie, legit stuff I believe.
  3. It is bad because it is terriby inconsistent, in an already inconsisten game. We do not need more of it. It does not always do damage. Sometimes it does high roll, like actual 50% - and sometimes it does nothing, 0. That is terrible spread, horrid consistency. T49 and Sheridan, have a ridiculous dice roll, and span either from 450 to 0. That is no good at all. he goes on to explain right at beginning, trtoise take advantage of IS3, despite IS3 best attempt to prperly position himself, and tortoise counter it with HE. Is it fair, Type 5 splash VK7201 awesome side scrape for 650
  4. excus me, but skill4ltu, iyouxin, sirfoch, circon, orzanel, dezgamez and I am sure countless other streamer you may watch think HE is a problem. anfield said it years ago, and lemmingrush still says it. it is ver stuational, I do agree and it not encountred ever battle, but when you do it is usuall annoying and countering someone very good play in a brokn way. would you tell all those guys in ther irritation, to get good? Annoying is why they continue to change artillery, and changed Type 5 and oi, and changed FV4005 I do agree that maps, map rotate, matchmaking, tank match-up, random num
  5. What they are planning, are making HE shells perform like ram collision damage. Ram collision damage, sort of works like an HE shell, without the currently detonating outside, it is a focus on area contact. HE 3.0, what they have in mind, is to make HE shell perform like ram collisions. Reading about it in WOT mechanics, it explains it very well. Which is why spall liner always helped in reduction to collision A few things different still, explosion on misses still generate sphere of damages. But that damage won't effect tank hitbox, it is only for surrounds. Trees, cars, truck, fence,
  6. that problem you list though, willl happen your way. when tank get struck with that shelll, in the turret or front superstructure, and start engine fire on tanks. Jagpanzer, Chrysler, Maus, object 263- you name it. And that is horrid mechanic I agree with HE doing 0 penetrative ability, but than those unique tank like Leo1, Badger, EBR75, M41GF, excalibur lose out with higher penetrate ammo. Definite, all arta need 0 penetrate HE. (Rework the damage calculation from (damage/2 - armor thickness) to more like (damage - armor thickness*2) I think it should be more [(damage/3)-armo
  7. for all to see, https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sandbox-HE-shells-2021/ i remember their last attempt at HE fix, never got past sandbox. and they went back to drawing board, quickybaby had a video on it using M4 with 105 sand river in tier 7 battl Here is the next train of thought, with arta changes and crew 2.0 soon following The plans they cover, are an attempt to reduce negative shit like shooting HE at E100 or object 263, and causing front engine fire because HE strike the front superstructure and instead splash down on engine module through roof. Further, to
  8. seems like it could be a nice addition to anyones garage, but not too powerful so its balanced >it combine good elements of T-34 heavy, like depresion/alpha/accurac/pen.. ..but unfortunately some of the bad too like DPM/VR/TR >it also shares many things of object 274, having good protection for medum. better front and side thicknes, but larger cupolas and less camo
  9. Hoenn

    team clash

    easy for you to say, you are on EU. you actually get good stuff comprehension is hard. i can see it with the quality of your post
  10. Hoenn

    team clash

    last year it was great to see dez, skill, awesome epic guys this year, great to see circon and orzanel. what the hell with the dumb representation for NA, in finally getting its turn? couldn't have been lemmingrus, or claus, or truvoodoo? 3 stooges instead
  11. here is the issue: fast forward to 7:20 and watch. this game just cackoa on you when you need it most. happens all the time, when you need it but when you don't need it, 85M load HE expecting type 64, but instead surprise by cromwell, shoot HE anyway and load AP for next shot. HE damages cromwell, like 50%. 100+ Wtf? just now ambushed progetto with my mutz, first shot advantage. he at 231HP. i low-roll my 250 alpha, he survive and proceed to burst me for 720 straight in the face after. Wtf that. not right at all, working for third mark, deal with that shit. no cons
  12. yes, for sure. i agree 200%, not penetrating. i wasn't looking for penetration, i was looking for 15 HP worth of splash. with ammo that you at least expect 15HP damage, with 190 base explosion you mean to tell me someone can't even expect HE shell to detonate, and deal 7% of its listed damage? And not just that, 3 time in row?
  13. i have to say, right way in doing things and the wrong. i am the idiot, i take all the responsibility, in simply not using the AP opponent had minimal HP after a shot of damage, so i pre-loaded HE to finish it off. terrible choice, proceeded to bounce off next 3 HE shots (not gun or track hits either) and i died as result. 3 time straight, 0 damage roll. whoever started that saying you hear people meme all the time, HE always damage, is very wrong too i don't have sympathy for HE apologists. except maybe POS like 1,400 HE type 5, that is gone for good reason. the way i see it, HE
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