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  1. I am grinding for mine. Don't know if I want to throw money at it to get it.
  2. Silly Question... I might be overlooking this on all the sites, Are Exp Values from Day 1 or are they a sample size of X days?
  3. I don't mind clash, but that's not the issue I'm having. I'm more so pointing my description to random battles.
  4. Yeah, I've learned to be pretty conservative early on and save the hitpoints for later exchanges. It just seems like it's getting harder and harder to make powerful flexing plays.
  5. So I took a 3 year break from the game Came back and realized my life isn't complete without killing tanks and sinking my monies into pixels. But I've somehow managed to be better than ever after this break. Just recently reaching a 1700 WN8 (1k battles) I was happy with myself. But now I'm starting to drop down in my recent WN8. Sure I can come up with tons of excuses, but at the end of it all, I think I've just plateaued learning on my own. I want to be a blue or purple player, just to say I did it. No other reasons, not looking for a beast clan, or gloating. Well, maybe a little gloat
  6. So I love playing my mediums. Such as the TVP and the 140. But more often than not I get stuck with maps where I don't feel like I can flex properly to get nice flank shots. Maps such as Lakeville, Paris, Ensk, or Empire's Border. These maps feel like lanes are locked down and you have nowhere to go, but to face the enemy frontally. When I play these mediums, I can't seem to flex to assassinate due to either just good enemy map coverage or a flank just gets walloped. Forcing a frontal fight. Other maps, I can get into nice holes in the enemy lines, get a clip out or kill a tank and bounc
  7. That was one of the 1st things i did... must take time to populate. YAY! It's there!
  8. That was one of the 1st things i did... must take time to populate.
  9. Hello! I have taken a 3 year break and returned. I found WOTLABS forums and had to get on it ahaha. Actually, I'm wanting to venture into raising my WN8, so I came here. Just searching for more information. I noticed people have their WN8 under their names in there posts... I don't seem to have that. Can't find where it is. I'm probably just stupid. lol. Not much more to say, 1500 WN8, 31 Tier 10's. Mainly play 8-10's, wanna platoon or BS, hit me up
  10. Hello, I've been slowly climbing my WN8. I've used mods for years. But I've pretty much only used Garage mods and only Player stats from XVM. I don't use any other gameplay mods. So I pretty much play vanilla. I was wondering if there were in game mods that super unicums use/prefer when playing?
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