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  1. What i have noticed, is that I never SEEM to get 6th sense at all (with crew skill) But when i spectate team mate after i died, i see the 6th sense popup
  2. Also, i didnt see any whining about SPG/Arties (skimmed it).
  3. How often would the signature image be updated with new stats? I passed 1k plays 2 days ago, and the signature image still shows 954.
  4. Just an update, earlier this morning, like 12h ago the sign updated and showed current stats again. Thanks.
  5. Okay, then ill wait until later tomorrow my time, and then come back if it has not solved it self by then.. roughly 18-ish hours from now.
  6. I have passed 800 games according to other stats, but the sign pic does not reflect it since several days Yes, used the same nick here. Edit: It seems that when i started to do ussr TD-line it only updated 28 games or so, should probably be more than 100 now for TD tanks.
  7. Hi, it seems like my stats has not updated for something like 170 games
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