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  1. Mines, I can't believe there was only 1 other person who mentioned it. After that, probably Minsk. I couldn't stand Ensk either because of the small size, but it's kind of unique and at least it's over quickly. Mines has been around forever and really needs a tier limit.
  2. The worst thing about this new system is the skill paywall. If you want your 7 skill crew to be able to be in multiple tanks, it costs gold. Then what are we gonna do with all the extra crews left over. It's just more p2w. That being said, opening up a new can of worms is only going to add more balance problems than there currently are, which means that they are never going to be fixed. They could have add/updated the system that everyone knows already, and given everyone free SS. But nooo..
  3. This is the biggest pile of kaka since they took team damage away. Won't be surprised if there's another wave of people quitting the game after this. With chat censorship the way it is, the game doesn't feel immersive like it use to. Only enjoyment is platooning over voice chat. The most I play is 1hr a day, maybe more on weekends.. that will be getting less by the looks
  4. - Rebalance to Tier 8 premiums - STG - T26E4 ANOTHER stupid pershing buff? They should just make a new Brazilian tech tree and move it over there. That thing takes no skill to play at all..
  5. Guess I won't be getting the beeattlepeaass this time around. What a shame, was waiting for a German themed one. LOL
  6. I really hope that it makes it easier to shoot 279e's and FagVVagonT95s because at the moment you can't damage them hulldown or cresting without using HE.
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