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  1. Well i just had a bad match that ended well for me (started out With us losing but 2 of us did some meaningful damage to bring us back). Also sorry for the low quality had to to fit the 500kB.
  2. Honestly I don't tend to run with toons though thanks. also i worry about my stats more because it has been feeling more recently like everything has been going wrong every match (i do tend to play more aggressively and that has been getting me nuked but whenever i am more passive the same thing happens it just takes longer)
  3. Honestly my stats are pretty trash and I need some sort of guidance on how to improve my gameplay. I had taken a long break from the game after becoming frustrated with grinding to get the money for the T32. So anyway to sum up, Feeling like trash Need to improve but have no idea where to start and am currently playing Sweden and some France.
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