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  1. I hope so. Otherwise, the stun missions will get impossible. Edit: Alternatively, just remove the arty missions completely. Edit: Just remove arty from the game.
  2. So it looks like this marathon's reward has been revealed. Looks a bit like VK 3001 P was moved to tier 8... overall stats are kind of meh and unless I'm overlooking something, this is yet another sub-par reward tank. I only got myself Bourrasque and LIS and those are amazing, but the recent few... This one seems to be yet another no-armor German tank which can only redline snipe and due to the low pen will invite ppl to spam more gold. With 200 alpha, that will be disgustingly expensive tho. Gameplay Video from Skill From the EU Forums:
  3. The thing is, nowadays WG is at least listening to the playerbase. With the newest supertest changes going live, arty will be nerfed even harder with the shorter stun and less HE damage. Arty was never a useful part of the game and removing it would be the better option imo.
  4. I get your explanation but I mean no clan specifically but the whole scene, and that went down completely. 8 Years ago, the forum was a battleground of equally competitive clans fighting for the best players and the top positions. You would frequently - also in randoms, but mostly company battles - encounter platoons of competitive clans. FAME is just the prime example of what is left - an esport clan left in a defunct competitive scene and a nonexistant esport scene. It's like a professional race driver showing up with his expensive car at a vintage vehicle convention, not realizing that
  5. I agree, I got myself a 430U early to try Ranked but boy do I dislike the tank. Panzer loves it but the armor aspect is just becoming less of an asset and the bad gun handling and speed are drawing most russian tanks down. For average players, they are great I guess. The thing is, WG introduced more popular bouncy tanks (Conq, SConq, Chieftain, 279e, Defender, 430, 430U) and free gold ammo. This creates a selective pressure on new tanks to have better gun stats and/or higher pen so you can still fight. The result are things like the Object 274a with 280 APCR on tier 8 and massive HE Spam
  6. ANY form of feedback is always a compliment because it means people appreciate your play enough to spend some time to write you. So I'm unironically happy for any kind of compliment and/or insult. I do have a thick skin when it comes to flaming and I have been chatbanned 80% of the time. Jesus, I had a shortcut linked to my clipboard manager just to spam "l2p noob" with a click to save time
  7. Yeah my biggest issue with clans like FAME is that they are tryharding. I can get that in competitive games, there is a pressure to perform because there is money involved or at least fame. With WoT, this is not the case. You don't get anything, no money, and only limited "fame" within the forumites. In randoms, you will be anonymous anyway. The most recognition you can ever get is if someone compliments you after the battle or on your replays.
  8. The irony is while many formerly famous clans like PTS, EFE, KAZNA, all more or less went down as the competitive part of WoT dwindled, 322 which never even claimed to be a clan still exists. We kind of anticipated the trend that in the end, randoms are what makes WoT a good game and not the clan circlejerking. Yeah all in all I have the feeling the game is now more well rounded even tho it has become so much faster. Back in the days I used to play TD a lot, that whole class got much worse while lights and meds are much more meta now. That's okay for me tho, adaptation is key to succes
  9. Witam mate! Nice to see 322 is still up and running. Me and Loofah back then switched to Warthunder GF and slammed the pubbies there. I already saw Panzerfighter is also still active, he uploads replays all the time. I will check on him later and see if I can come back anytime. Oh another thing that got worse is the server lags, probably due to the high numbers, today I had a few rounds where the game literally froze (internet otherwise was okay, just WoT)
  10. I am grinding my way up the trees slowly because I three mark every tank I own, so haven't yet really started with Tier X - also since the gameplay in TX especially is really boring as compared to T8. The thing is that Tier X always was a campfest but nowadays due to the omnipresence of EBR, gold ammo and yet more autoloaders, the burst potential is so absurd that everyone is just waiting for the other one to make one mistake. Another thing ofc is the question, why play TX? I am going to eventually play them to three mark all, but they aren't really much more fun than T8 or 9 and you definitel
  11. Hi guys, I'm an ex clan member of 322 from the EU server, returning after 8 years of absence. I was playing WoT in the ESL back then (that doesnt exist any more) and did FC in company battles a lot of times. I played a lot back in my college time but stopped after I got a gf and job. I didn't touch the game until last year when lockdown basically forced me to find some productive things to do at home. My old account is still existing (https://wotlabs.net/eu/player/givethemnothing), but after 8 years I forgot the credentials to the connected mail address... welp. Nothing of value
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