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  1. What if I don't want to gain acceptance? What if I truly want to be an outsider, anti-social, perhaps a hermit?
  2. Good points. Since I play mediums a lot, I'm always looking to see if I can flank and create an overmatch (2v1, 3v2, etc.). Can I get someone to turn their turret away from my team so they can push? Is there a TD I can get behind and keep punching him in the ass? Is there an open lane to arty after everyone deploys so I can kill them? With the speed in a medium, you can literally circle to the other side of the map to take advantage. If you're not glancing at your minimap every 10-15 sec, you are unaware of what is going on. Learn to take in the situation quickly and decide how you can best pe
  3. Zoom mod because sometimes you just need to see your shell hit close up. Also, I sometimes use the overhead wn8 display mod (I think it's still legal). I tend to focus the players with better stats on the team and discourage them from being aggressive. Or if I see a bad player, I'll pretty much kill him fairly readily. Nothing more discouraging than seeing team members getting popped and dying. I get my mods from Aslains. Good luck!!
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