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  1. Wake up and add this guy to your Steam friends you lazycum



  2. I see you're located in some basement in Germany.

    Could you be the pensioner's Panther that was dragged out recently?

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    2. Tuco22


      i wish statuses were visible at the top of the page again. Scrollings hard :[

    3. Nisa


      More annoyed by how sometimes the message box doesn't appear and the "drag firles here to attach or choose files..." is the only thing around.

    4. Tuco22


      Yeah i got that on my phone all the time.

  3. >_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>__>_>_>_>_>_>_>____>

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    3. Tuco22


      he did though, this is true.

    4. Cunicularius
  4. The one in the top right corner? The one that currently ends with this: (I can't find a combination of .gifs like the one we have with google) As far as I know there isn't a way to disable those (it's called host banner). There might be a mod? I'm only moderatly annoyed btw, at least it isn't any shock site .gif.
  5. Waiting for the 3. campaign reward tanks results. Someone needs to track the number of M60s, VKs and Obj 907s on the server?

    1. BanzaiBonsai


      If I see even 1 VK on that list, I'm going to laugh at that retarded person so fucking hard..

    2. UnusualMedic


      All 907. I hope.

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      If I win one I'm taking an M60. So if I win one, RIP your all 907.

  6. The russian 122mm shell is guided by Stalin, the 107mm isn't. That and the 90 alpha difference are completely worth it (also a bit more pen).
  7. It wasn't even that bad before (if the side armor is really that useful), but now it has a good gun as well? I bet some russians complained about their reward tank, how else can they change a tank that has been on supertest for over a year only now? Also the round is AP? So the prem shell might be APCR and not HEAT, which would make it even better.
  8. Well I've never been to your stupid channel so I wouldn't know. It's still better than the current icon.
  9. Mr_Tommy_Gun linked this earlier, I think it's better than what have right now (considering that pretty much everything is better..). More or less icon-ready version: Someone competent with photoshop can try as well if this isn't good enough.
  10. Maus+Leichttraktor Leichtmaus: a tiny Maus with the same shitty Leichttraktor gun but insame armor Maustraktor: a giant Leichttraktor with a short 128mm, also ridiculous speed since it has no armor at all. I know there is a reskin for a Leichttraktor to become a small Maus, but I'm not sure the other one exists..
  11. At least say something Ò_ó

  12. It's not like the terrain resistance values now have historical accuracy, I doubt they calculated how big the ground pressure actually is ([weight of the tank]/[surface the tracks cover], and even if they did, how do you calculate a number out of that for asphalt/dirt/mud (or good/normal/bad) ground? Also they'd have to include the suspension, was there ever a test on even grounds to compare all of them? So, I don't think it will change much, WG will do whatever the fuck they want, just as usual. It might hit some different tanks this time, but I doubt they will be Russian..
  13. I wonder if WG is going to say anything about the influx of rerolls since rerolls are supposedly kind of grey zone to illegal anyway if you look into the EULA.. So far i've only heard of very few cases where someone got banned because the same IP was used on different accounts (all the time), but it has happened before.
  14. I also posted it on the official forums. Home of "You are better than me, take a negrep.. and back to licking windows!" Also, you could argue that even the best players want to improve and that playing with other very good players would help, 2600 wn8 isnt really the end of the line when it comes to padding a useless metric.
  15. I know, I know. NA has more drama >_> and apparently most people are happy with the players they know and don't want any new platooning options. That or I am the wrong person to start this.
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