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  1. I am trying to complete with E5 and S conq, for I found out they can do 2-3 criticals a game, even more, if its a long one. It just takes a loooot of trying and I tend to fail at the end. I have good crews, good DPG but still it is very RNG dependend. I will skip probably, but that forces me to complete some other mission.
  2. Same problem here, I tried deathstar, multiple arties, derp sheridan, Pens, 5k dmg battles yet no critical hits. Only time I got close was with E5 using ap, but im struggling to complete it.
  3. Hello, I am struggling a lot with Alliance-8: Simple Geometry. Even though they changed it to 25 internal crits, I cant complete it. I tried deathstar, derp sheridan, both british and american arties, S. Conq. and Caernarvon X, nothing really works. Penetrating or oneshotting tanks with Deathstar nor Thrashbarn does not get me criticals, some games with 5k dmg I dont get a single crit.
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