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  1. I completely agree. Some of these missions are impossible to do honestly. They're just poorly structured to begin with. Take 15k dmg from 100m or less for example. In a 3k dpm tier 10, that is constantly firing the gun every single time it is loaded for 5 straight minutes, in a game mode that is 7 minutes long, with 100% pens and average damage rolls while always being less than a grid square away from an enemy tank that has enough HP for you to get a full damage roll on. Yea, Im willing to put money on that no one play tested most of these missions, if any, before they were release
  2. Then you might as well remove the missions entirely, because no one will go for the tank.
  3. We will then be countered with the sequel: Return of the Shitter.
  4. Well that depends: are you going off of world history, or glorious soviet history? The two will yield different results regarding the potential effectiveness of the T-22 design.
  5. There are some great ideas in this thread. It's a shame that WG doesn't take too tier player feedback on game mechanics very seriously. I see ideas here that could greatly improve gameplay.
  6. 1) Load up tier 8 prems 2) Not give a crap about missions, winning the match, or really anything the game mode was designed around 3) ??? 4) 90k-130k net profit per match.
  7. 215b + HESH - hitting tracks (because they don't count) = mission complete. Add a TD with a large caliber HE shell in your line up (such as an E3) as a back up for if/when your 215b dies.
  8. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but they can't even manage to add 'sort vehicles by tier' in the garage, let alone unfuck an entire game mode.
  9. Agreed. SH being 7 min is just straight up absurd. Regardless the missions, as they are implemented and structured now, are largely backwards and broken.
  10. I'm not talking about repeated small caliber shots, I understand the crit mechanic, I'm talking about single shots. I'm seeing it more and more frequently. Single shots from low caliber guns are taking out modules on the first hit with startling frequency. I've been around this game a while, and it is definitely more common now than it used to be.
  11. I actually find that lower caliber guns have been taking out my ammo rack far more often than higher caliber guns. It's actually rediculous. For example, I was driving my E100 and an AMX 13 57 came around the corner, yoloing into my friendly group of tanks like a typical pub right after I fired at one of his teammates. I was at full HP, so no damage taken yet. He fires into the side of my hull once, damages my ammo rack. I instantly repair. One second later he fires again, and again damages my ammo rack. This pubtard, with one of the smallest caliber guns that my E100 can even see in bat
  12. I think many of the mission are poorly set up, and the conditions often contradict each other. Do 10k dmg and block 7.5k? Those require two different playstyles. A lot of the missions at set up like this. Also, people having personal arty and airstrikes in Rampage mode is the most cancer thing that WG has ever done. It's essentially like playing against 15 arty on top of 15 enemy tanks, except the arty can completely ignore any and all cover (even moreso than regular sky cancer) and has an even larger AoE. I'm not a very big fan of how WG set up these missions and this game mode. Ho
  13. I want the T-22sr, but these modes and missions look like such shit that I'm not even sure it's worth going for.
  14. This shitter, who sat in the middle of the road while the enemy capped, blocking it completely and almost preventing me from getting back to reset the cap. He then shot at me for pushing him out of the way. Also, let's take a look at his awesome clan history:
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