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  1. Hey! I "recently" marked the T-54, and decided that i could probably mark the object 140 aswell, since the 4k combo reqs for that tank seemed reasonable HOWEVER i could not have been more wrong. Compared to the T-54, the 140 trades hull armor and mobility to gain a better turret and a better gun. None of these elements of the 140 seem to work for me tho. The cupolas are huge, the turret gets slammed with heat and ez penned, the side armor that's supposed to be able to "sidescrape heavies" literally works like 30% of the time, sometimes you bounce, other times they just pen it somehow
  2. Honestly, its not that bad! However I wanted to ask some people that have a 3mark on it for advice, stuff like equipment and general playstyle. Im currently on almost 2.6k WN8 and 65% WR in the 26 battles i've got on it so far. Please, if anybody has any advice on how to 3mark this baguette of a tank, hit me up!
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