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  1. You are not an averagish player! You are significantly above average with those stats!
  2. So, third game in my new 279e and this happens, from full health to dead (2,640 damage in one shot with ammo rack from Jg Pz E100). I've learned the 279e is far from invincible.
  3. Thanks, so I started writing this before field mods came out and didn't really adjust for that. I will say that I have made a few adjustments since then. For instance, on the Leo 1 I grabbed the scouting slot and put in the Low Noise Exhaust in that slot which really makes it a stealthy sniper. I dropped the Vstabs to make that happen so its iVents, LNE, iRammer. On my Batchat I actually have a IAU now and I dropped the IRM for Bounty Vstabs that I got. Setup now is Vents, IAU, bounty Vstabs. I'm torn because my win rate has dropped a bit since I did that but I think that's just me exper
  4. As a completely average player who has managed to pick up all of the tech tree medium tanks I thought I would give anyone searching for a review my two cents. Streamer reviews by people like Quickybaby or Skill4ltu are great but they are simply not in the average player’s class and so have different preferences. I have also noticed that Quickybaby is starting to rate quirky tanks with high skill caps like the K91 and CS 63 higher each year but those opinions will just lead the average player astray, so here is my summary broken town by a couple of factors. In summary my top 3 favorite tier 10
  5. I got the 279e today and I wanted to post the thoughts of a perfectly average player getting the tank. It took me almost exactly 2 months of consistent playing to finish the 279E missions (which I finished on Feb 20th 2022) after completing Chimera missions. I did take a break for ranked, so about 40 days total. I started the grind with 7 orders, missing only the Chimera Alliance 15 with honors as that mission is painful. I had no dedicated focused strategy going in, I assumed I would probably have to do at least two lines and probably three. I focused on knocking out alliance first and
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