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  1. I just got done soloing 100 battles in it. Very awesome tank, and laughable with full load out of apcr. Tier 7s and 8s stand no chance. After 100battles. 72% win rate and 3.4k dpg. Favorite tier 9 heavy now.
  2. Will today be S-tank day? Trying to schedule my activities. 

  3. I'll post a replay of the composition from my POV. I have one in mind were i brawl against 5 tanks on a hill with the S Tank. Proper brawling technique and strategy is a unique skill in an s tank and I would like to show case that too. When I get home from work, I'll upload it.
  4. Well another reason you need the s tank is because it has its "true dpm" and not "fake dpm" like most mediums. What I mean is with the zero bloom, high accuracy and penetration you should pen most tanks every single time. It doesn't matter if you have 3600 dpm if you aren't going to penetrate every shot. When the enemy team is pushing a flank that is dead, you need the pure raw dpm to gun them down in time. There has been many games where the enemy team has pushed through a flank with 3 or 4 for tier Xs still alive. We will crush them by using the light or is7 to keep the
  5. This is no longer an aggressive man's game. If you want to constantly be winning, you have to play slow and intelligent defense with out giving up map control.
  6. Well if you can't platoon, just solo like this. But honestly, this set up doesn't feel as fragile as it sounds. Even when one of us dies, the other tanks are strong enough to help force the battle. The key is communication and patience. I don't find the s tank hard to play in city maps and honestly it works great for baiting people out of corners for infinite track damage.
  7. You can't stop the heavy + scout + s tank platoon in the current meta. Use vision and a heavy to control and deny space. The s tank to farm damage and punish sloppy plays. Playing too survive into the late game will earn you more wins and damage. Multiple days now, crab and I have been able to pull 75% wins in tier x using this strategy.
  8. Just three marked the T-62A, GGs.  Took 8k damage, 3k spotting and a pools medal. RIP

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      All about them streaks! Kudos man

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      Thanks, couldn't do it with out all the help you have given me!


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      Apparently being a repetitive pedant is considered helping!

  9. First two games of the day, 1 shot by arty. GG WG

  10. Give wg more money, you'll get better mm. ^_^
  11. Honestly, I love this tank. Such a breathe of fresh air with the new mechanic and playstyle. The armor is amazing once you know who you are immune to and where on the maps the tank will dominate on. The rof is crazy good and overall mobility feels like a Leopard. I love the fact you can mountain goat with this. So far about 340ish battles. 70% w/r and 3700dpg.
  12. 150ish games solo, managed a lousy 59% w/r and 2450 dpg. Overall, you either rekt everyone on the opposing team or you get rekt yourself. The key to the tank is very good map awareness and playing perfect vision games. I
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