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  1. CrazyHeinz

    WoWS: Fatally Flawed?

    Are you sure you're not a ghost writer for The Economist?
  2. Everyone learns faster when they're on fire.

    1. Constie


      But everyone likes to eat their food, so learning is overrated.

  3. CrazyHeinz

    need some1 to teach me to kemp

    With these:
  4. CrazyHeinz

    Deus' Drunk Dating thread

    45/M/Fredericksburg/Quantico, VA
  5. CrazyHeinz

    What I learned on New Year’s Eve 2015

    1) Agreed. Mark Robert Paul Donnie will regret it. 4) Bernie Taupin wrote all his hits. My wife lets me know this continually. 5) Agreed. Look at anything older than the 80s. Today you have to be good looking. Merle Haggard (country), Jimmie Hendrix (rock), or the Beatles (pop) (name one, they're all ugly) wouldn't make it. I work for the government. Good luck on the cheap. I believe if the enemy were to ever develop a paperwork bomb, the U.S. would grind to a screeching halt.
  6. CrazyHeinz

    counter battery

    I've never seen it discussed, not to say it hasn't.
  7. CrazyHeinz

    Winrate vs WN8 Data ?

    I had done some statistical trend fitting and posted to the WoT forum (the original post I cannot find). In it, I posted graphs trending K/D ratio, efficiency, and WN7 (this was before WN8 was developed) for a few thousand players. Statistical outliers aside, the trends show universally that those who perform better win more.
  8. CrazyHeinz

    New to forum

    You've come to the right place. No talk of anime. Or cats.
  9. CrazyHeinz

    Fight me IRL

    Deus hits it on the head, namely, the level of war (tactical vs. operational vs. strategic). Is the tank already at the battlefield? German tanks had tracks for combat and tracks for transportation. That, and their ground pressures made them less mobile over longer distances. A T-34 was more mobile than a Tiger. One-on-one? As Joseph Stalin is quoted "Quantity has a quality all its own". Thus one reason (airpower, logistics, maintenance, etc. among others) Soviet and American tanks through superior numbers were able to beat back a more capable vehicle. Fully operational or at historic maintenance/fuel levels? The Germans built some technically advanced vehicles. They also built ones that were absolute bitches difficult to maintain. One source I have reads the Tiger used 4 different fuel pumps alone, of which none were interchangable. Imagine being a maintainer who received the wrong pump and was trying to get his tank off deadline and back into the fight. Terrain? (related to #1, above) if I am on the steppes of present day Ukraine, given the right gun/optics combination, I can reach out and kill you long before I am within the range of your main gun. However, if I am in the bocage of France, I am much closer in to you, negating some of advantages. Great question, one debatable over beers...
  10. Here ya go. You can thank me later.
  11. Post. Excellent give away.
  12. CrazyHeinz

    Wotlabs WN8 Survey

    I'm too stupid to be scared....
  13. CrazyHeinz

    Gold Spending Guide by precambrian

    Old dinosaurs (and older players) tend to have learned this the hard way....
  14. Likes to smell markers.