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  1. FWIW Grand Battles count for damage missions. Obviously you can't anticipate how many you'll get, but probably pushes the optimal way to grind them towards Tier 10s (not that it wasn't already).
  2. They do. High base xp game with a good booster and you can it in one game.
  3. Campaign camos were returned to your hanger (or were supposed to be), and perm camos were refunded at full gold cost.
  4. 1390 is different (see: much better) than it was. It trades 2 rounds for significantly better gun handling, and a much more flexible clip. You can dump in on a tank and erase it, but you won't hit the dirt 10m in front of you as often.
  5. As a LT driver, my body is ready, but I almost feel guilty about the seal clubbing that's going to happen. The 13 57 will gain the most, as it'll be able to just shred tier 5s and 6s for fun, The Type 64 and Blackdog will benefit, but they're not OP in stronks, and I don't see them being game-breakingly OP post-MM changes. Type 62 goes from turd to pretty darn good.
  6. T-100LT remains the only LT really worth playing in CW. It has workable armour, a good gun, and excellent top speed/camo/view range. The Chinese and German LTs will be fun in pubs, and I don't see the other LTs being that good, though I haven't played the Sheridan since it received the gun handling buffs. @jacg: T-100 can bounce medium shells somewhat reliably. Not an outright brawler, but certainly decent. And the HP/t on all of the light tanks means that they have incredible flexibility, which should help them flank even in city maps.
  7. With their absurdly good view range, and excellent camo, MTs aren't ever going to outspot the LTs.
  8. Yeah tanks was unplayable for me yesterday. Intermittent (every 3-5 minutes) packet loss of 30%.
  9. Yeah, 3/5/7 isn't going to be broken with unicum/tomato top tier platoons..
  10. With the forthcoming changes to rep kits, will the repair crew skill fall out of the top 5 prioritized skills?

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    2. KenadianCSJ


      Start with handling/camo/view range skills?

    3. Shifty_101st


      so what happens if your rep kit is on cool down and you're tracked in the open..........

    4. KenadianCSJ
  11. Well Malinvoka sure is going to be fun to play now...
  12. Obj 260 acquired \o/. 8208 w/ 6 kills in the 268 on Kharkov of all maps.

  13. MT-15.4 in the Skoda. Balanced tank is balanced

  14. So god tier armour with a potato cannon that even an Irishman wouldn't find a use for?
  15. New meta Type 5 ring around cap on Himmels?
  16. There's bushes in the the A/B/C courtyard (C3 or C7) that you can passive spot early. A common spot I see LTs going is the A5/A6 area, though I don't recommend it, as you can be pinned very easily. You can try to get to the arch, though again, if you get stuck there, it's very difficult to escape. I personally find it too vulnerable to cross-shots to hold early in the game, but it's decent later in the game. If you want to be more "active" in your scouting, try to control vision in the middle two "lanes" and let TDs snipe down the alleys. You want to find opportunistic shots and preserve HP ea
  17. Does the vanilla client go to 60x zoom now? I haven't actually played with vanilla in a long time so I'm unaware if it actually does. I also like the max zoom out mod.
  18. Yes the changes are live. The stun feature is awful, and it's a death sentence to light tanks. More accurate and larger splash radius? Yes, WG this is totally the way to fix SPGs.
  19. If it's your favourite tank, does it matter that your WN8 got clobbered?
  20. T28/Proto/T95 speed buffs are a welcome change, but the Brit AT TDs need it as well. No bulli strongholds change is not great, but I can understand why WG doesn't want to allow the biggest kids at the beach to repeatedly kick over everybody else sandcastle.
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