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    Sprak reacted to Fulcrous in What's your Wot Xmas wish list?   
    My wish would be rng punishing players less for doing the right thing (i.e aiming) and less xvm focus/yolo by having names not visible until after battle
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    Sprak reacted to CarbonWard in Building a cheap rig for my child to play WoT on   
    If the mobo was cheap enough i wouldn't mind recommending a cheap mobo+8400, since the 6c6t with 3.8ghz TB will last at least 2-3 years at 1080p high/ultra high graphics setting and 4-5 years mid-low then you can jump to something different entirely, but right now the mobo is just prohibitively high priced.
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    Sprak reacted to Fabunil in Stats   
    Hi, welcome to wotlabs.
    I have reviewed your case and as @monjardin said the reason wotlabs doesn't show your stats anymore is because we no longer track players with a WR/WN8 below a certain threshold (I believe it was 52% WR and 1.5k WN8?)
    Starting in October all accounts below that threshold will be removed from the database, though due to technical reasons several accounts were already affected.
    The reason this is to save server ressources, you see over 90% of the tracked playerbase have stats that lie below that threshold, yet a vast majority of them never used our services or/and are inactive players and accessed their wotlabs profile, as a result it was decided to remove these profiles permanently to cut down the costs of the wotlabs servers (Running the WotLabs servers costs several thousands $ each month mind you)
    Anyways, only accounts created before the 1st of Juli 2017 are going to be affected by this, so if you created your account after this date your profile should be safe!
    Alternativly you can also increase your stats to be above the threshold until the deadline of the 1st of October and your profile should get restored automatically.
    Of course, you can also create a new World of Tanks account if you want your stats to be tracked in the future.
    I hope I could help!
    -Fabunil, purple poaster & representative in the wotlabs WN8-committee
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    Sprak reacted to 1n_Soviet_Russia in Hopefully Strict Template MM Will Die Soon   
    Why can't we do what Circon has advocated for and move to 5/10 1 tier spread?
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    Sprak reacted to CraBeatOff in FV215b (183) - another special vehicle and finally (after like 6-7 years?) single shot high tier French HTs   
    But they discovered that these announcements make people grind and spend gold! 
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    Sprak reacted to CraBeatOff in WN8 - Change to Averaged Expected Values   
    WG threw it out the window with their record keeping.
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    Sprak got a reaction from Monkey in Could someone rate/rank the tier 8 and 10 lights   
    1390 is different (see: much better) than it was. It trades 2 rounds for significantly better gun handling, and a much more flexible clip. You can dump in on a tank and erase it, but you won't hit the dirt 10m in front of you as often.
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    Sprak got a reaction from BlackAdder in TankRewards for March is up with a revamped website   
    Yeah, NA only.
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    Sprak reacted to CraBeatOff in Kewei method prem?   
    Don't bother with your stats, just learn on your account. There is no reason to curate, separate, etc. Don't be a numbers chasing degenerate.
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    Sprak reacted to PantyHero in Upcoming MM Changes   
    WG making it sound like 3 cancer clickers max is gonna make it all good... Fuck that. 
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    Sprak reacted to Enroh in Elimination: Tier 7 Premiums   
    Locking because its ridiculous. Bitch about all you want but this stopped being constructive very early on.
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    Sprak reacted to HemanathanRX7 in DBOYZ Recruiting Top Players   
    Is this the new FADED/SNEKS? (Seeing as both died)
    Good luck on your recruitment kek~
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    Sprak reacted to CraBeatOff in The future of Type 62 - is it/ will it be worth it now??   
    Yea, I'd just wait. I've certainly enjoyed mine in the past (pre nerf and meta shift ) and hope to enjoy it again in the future. Ideally it gets BT7-9 and they adjust the HEAT cost downwards. It's HEAT is just bad! 
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    Sprak got a reaction from Driftin in Upcoming MM Changes   
    Yeah, 3/5/7 isn't going to be broken with unicum/tomato top tier platoons..
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    Sprak reacted to Luna in Pz.Kpfw. VII wn8?   
    Hello when will the wn8 values go in place for the new German T10? I worked hard and spent alot of gold to free XP it so I deserve to have my wn8 show that I'm a rly gud player. Please and thank you.
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    Sprak got a reaction from garryallen in How the heck do you guys scout on paris   
    There's bushes in the the A/B/C courtyard (C3 or C7) that you can passive spot early. A common spot I see LTs going is the A5/A6 area, though I don't recommend it, as you can be pinned very easily. You can try to get to the arch, though again, if you get stuck there, it's very difficult to escape. I personally find it too vulnerable to cross-shots to hold early in the game, but it's decent later in the game. If you want to be more "active" in your scouting, try to control vision in the middle two "lanes" and let TDs snipe down the alleys. You want to find opportunistic shots and preserve HP early game, so you can use it more effectively late game.
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    Sprak reacted to Jaegaer in Serious SPG-Class Redesign with LOGIC of current gameplay involved: Looking for Serious feedback.   
    No, exactly not. The alpha needs to be smallish but the radius needs to be huge. Why? Because that will make arty shoot at lonely tanks in the back rather than engaged tanks at the front for fear of splashing allies (for this the splash indicator was introduced so you see how many allies you would splash).
    Another method would be for arty to get more accurate at range, so shooting further away (so steeper shell arc) would mean you hit much better. This too would punish backline campers but it, alas is VERY counter intuitive.
    tl;dr make arty ineffective against people that actually push, make it rock against backline campers
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    Sprak reacted to DHP in Serious SPG-Class Redesign with LOGIC of current gameplay involved: Looking for Serious feedback.   
    I don't like arty but you guy's live in a dream where arty doesn’t exist. This will never happen, so I don’t understand why you guy’s keep bashing yourself with this idea.
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    Sprak reacted to Never in PadderBot now available for all streamers   
    A few hours ago I decided to put PadderBot, the statistics bot for my Twitch channel, in a dedicated server so it can run 24/7 without relying on my own computer. Since it's now always up, I'd like to offer it to all streamers.
    Basically what PadderBot does is get statistics from players. This is done by typing the following command in chat:
    !stats SERVER NICK For example:

    What do I need to do?
    On Twitch, go to PadderBot's channel. Give him a follow (not really part of the procedure but he works hard, he deserves it) and type in the chat: !join <twitch channel>
    For example: !join neverwish
    Once that's done, he will join the channel and send a message saying hello and that he needs to be modded in order to be able to work. Once PadderBot is in your channel, type this command in chat: !pbaj
    This tells PadderBot to add your channel to the Autojoin list, so that if it needs to reset, it will be able to join your channel automatically.
    You will also need to make PadderBot a moderator by typing /mod PadderBot in the Twitch chat. This is for 2 reasons:
    1. Twitch locks out accounts that send more than 20 messages every 30 seconds to their servers, but if the message is being sent to a channel where the user is a mod, this is increased to 100 messages per 30 seconds per channel.
    2. PadderBot is free, so I'm doing some advertising for WoTLabs. Being a mod ensures that he doesn't get caught in filters by other bots.
    Other functionality
    PadderBot has a count-in functionality. A mod can type: !count <number> on the chat, and in 10 seconds PadderBot will begin to count down so that streamer and viewers can count in for the game. The <number> is the battle tier you're going for, just to let everyone know which tank to get. For example: !count 8
    PadderBot also has a silly !slap command that makes him slap anyone you want.
    I'm currently in the process of coming up with more functionalities
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    Sprak reacted to aaveq in E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28   
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    Sprak reacted to CraBeatOff in Rheinmetall Skorpion G   
    Straik will teach you to farm drunken Russian daddy playing on ISDN Windows ME!
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    Sprak got a reaction from Joel47 in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    If it's your favourite tank, does it matter that your WN8 got clobbered? 
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    Sprak got a reaction from Epic in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    If it's your favourite tank, does it matter that your WN8 got clobbered? 
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    Sprak got a reaction from Victrix in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    If it's your favourite tank, does it matter that your WN8 got clobbered? 
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