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  1. I heard Gotchmaster is looking for new ELDUH members.
  2. Food, Rep, Rep get it right. doe mai.
  3. You can call me Yves, i don't go by relevant very often. Just because i don't particularly care for WN8, doesn't mean i don't realize the effort and time that went into it.
  4. Dlur i still love you, and you know i don't give a fuck about my stats, just my WR.
  5. Sorry Dlur, these may have come from hard data. But hard data from shit birds still creates shit bird numbers. I understand the limitations of WN8, like i have said before if i want to judge someone ill pass on the metrics and judge for myself.
  6. Russians to gut @ M48. No buff for you.
  7. If it got a decent DPM buff i would laugh and laugh and laugh for days and then only play the Leo.
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