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  1. For Alliance-8 it's quite an easy job - pick Tortoise, big gun & full HE. Aim for cuppolas or side of the turrents, sometimes lower front plate. It's easiest to hit crew members. Take a look also at wotinspector.com to understand where crew sits and internal modules are. I did it with Tortoise with 1st serious try, was 2 crits short from honour score. Now I'm stuggling with same mission but for Coalition. For now Prog 66 with HE works most consistent. In first try was 3 crits short from completing . Just started my next attempt and in first game got 5 crits, pls keep fingers crossed
  2. Hi guys! As this is my first post here, wanted to say hello in the first place I've been reading this topic and helped me a lot to understand the difficult path to get the 279e, so wanted to share some experience in return. This will be regarding crit missions, as I think I managed to get quite consistent results in the current meta. 1) First option is to play with a big gun For Chimera Union 8 this will be SU 152 with 152 mm ML-20 gun. Load premium HEAT and enjoy the ride. It's a less consistent method than the next one but it also works. Try not to one shot enemies,
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