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  1. Btw I'm going to Anime Expo for about 3 days. It's probably going to be shit, so I'm just going to get a signature from Fujino Omori then leave.
  2. Nothing to be happy about S3 since that should be the most boring one so far. ------ At that point, he realized how much better off he was, having a cute NEET for sister instead of a bitch. (although he doesn't have KuroNeko)
  3. I stopped watching all anime showing this season aside from Merlin anime and Zero. --- Also have good shirts.
  4. Got two of these: Doublesided "GTFO Rem/Ram" Pillow for tossing around.
  5. Guess you never expected Yosuga no Sora on TV. --- Monthly reminder I sell this stuff:
  6. ComradeHX


    That's never been a problem, Obj.260 already exists. I'll be okay with a alpha damage buff(to 263 level) or just give it a BL-10 or something with 3rpm.
  7. So, tier 6 SU-122-44? Armour can't be more shitty than SU-100 because that thing has massive and weak frontal ammorack.
  8. According to LN, Saekano is about to go bad, do not watch if you haven't seen S1.
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