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  1. Rita has PM changes translated. Obj 260 LT-7 appears to have gotten harder because reasons.... https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/06/15/9-19-1-personal-mission-changes/#more-40284
  2. Depending how easy these are to farm there might be entire clans formed just to coordinate rigging grinding bonds. Still remember being in a CW landing against C4BR3 or some such clan. Normally the type that brings a mix of T8s, T9s, and M48s. Spotted 15 pre-nerf T-22s rushing the magic forest. Not sure a single one had more than 5k battles in WoT. But they all had their op TX meds. Won't be shocked if clans show up with much better DPM, aim time, etc. than expected because they used their superior spreadsheeting skills to coordinate late night bond accumulation runs.
  3. I have been trying to find any indication that WG has done any testing of the new artillery mechanics in organized battles (CW, SH, etc.). I am concerned over the new mechanics' inability to effectively break camps in organized gameplay and am looking for any sign WG cares. Particularly with the increase in viability of the Maus and it acting as an incentive towards camping. Strikes (arty/air) has made arty less necessary to break camps but that is a worse game mechanic in organized play due to its affect on non-camp scenarios. TL:DR current arty mechanics aren't completely awful in
  4. Cool. Looking forward to more strongholds and fewer pubs. Not really in the mood for getting blapped by Japanese land arty.
  5. Rita indicated a 3rd test iteration. March release if true. Any word since they're stopping at 2? https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/02/08/9-17-1-release-date-pushed-back/
  6. Just you. 7v7 random map, random opponent doesn't work with the existing map rotation. It encourages camping which encourages bringing arty which means when two teams of similar skill that don't camp meet the one who didn't bring arty will usually win. And while you can break bad camps on every map except Mountain Pass (and maybe north spawn Himmels) pretty easily you have to work at it for way too long for it to be enjoyable and profitable. I think a 10v10 TX would work alright. I still think if they'd gone with 10v10 T8, 10v10 TX, and 15v15 TX for CW 2.0 it would have found a
  7. Great to see you back Genghis. Always one of the best channels to visit for getting new tips and tactics for CW/SH. Courtyard Himmels yolo, best Himmels yolo.
  8. Quick bump for one of my favorite tanks in the game. I just got my 3rd MOE on this and have over 700 games in it now. It was my second light (T-50 first) but has always been a go-to for stress relief since it's more like you're driving a race car than a tank. I run gld/optics/rammer even though I probably would have gotten 3rd mark a little faster with binocs over optics. I've brought my win rate up from ~50% at 500 games to just under 55% at 700 by having a 68% w/r almost all solo in the past 3 mo's really trying for my third mark. Considering I was a solid 44% or so in this tank aft
  9. I thought WG was on record that there will never be T9/TX LTs. It would be nice to have a TX LT for CW but in actual gameplay, particularly with the no-vision/no-bush maps we have today, I don't see it making any difference. Also no idea why people would think it would be good at Wn8 padding. The only reason LTs are good is because they used to have the broader battle tiers so their ability to do damage was minimal. Just like any tank that has had a buff. Pretty sure the LTs introduced after that still worked off similar LT expected damage models. A 'new' TX LT would probably h
  10. Hullo! (Please note this image does not apply to most city maps)
  11. Didn't someone here do a similar test with a T28? Never took their finger off the W button. IIRC they did very well on the line Prok 2 line.
  12. :damn:

    Neg reps from my CO? rood


  13. Genghis is great. He's got a huge library of stuff to work from too that lets you see how he reacts to different scenarios and how he manages different comps. Unfortunately most calling comes from experience. Knowing your players abilities and them knowing how you call helps immensely. And calling in tournaments is a different animal as well. Get beyond just having an initial deployment plan and try to walk through what the enemy might do when you get to your intial positions. Whenever you act make sure you act in force and that everyone who's involved knows what you want. Pretend lik
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