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  1. 1) The French army was larger than the German army in 1940 since, you know, they weren't banned by treaty from having one for the previous twenty years. The French problem was that their leadership and doctrine mostly sucked. 2) The point of the Maginot Line wasn't to defeat an attack, it was to deter one. The idea was to force the next war to be fought in Belgium rather than on "the Green Fields of France". 3) Far from De Gaulle deciding it would be pointless to fight back after the initial reverses, he was the only key French leader who kept trying to fight. You have it backwards. 4) The Bri
  2. That would make perfect sense, except the devs keep insisting they have enough designs for a Soviet line and a French line... I'm not sure if Soviet napkin sketches being in before the Yorktown class would be funny or sad.
  3. They've been consistently omitting underwater tubes but giving deck mounts. The Panzerschiffe had deck mounts.
  4. Bismarck icon is clean and Tirpitz icon is camo'd up, which suggests Tirpitz is the premium. That makes more sense than the reverse given WG's long standing (and in my opinion, well informed) policy of keeping iconic tanks/planes/whatever in the tree instead of making them premium.
  5. Imperial Germany personally, although Britain also needs to be in for sure.
  6. I don't know that that's really fair, as they were an inter-war design. The fact that before the war everyone else had ten years to build ships designed to kill them isn't the fault of the panzerschiffe. Frankly, they were probably the best designed of WW2 Germany's big ships. I do concede, however, that that is a pretty low bar. Anyway, I think they belong as high tier CAs, at either 8 or 9 with Hipper taking the other spot.
  7. The "pocket battleships" were originally Deutschland, Scheer, and Graf Spee but Deutschland was later re-named Lutzow. The Hipper class was Hipper, Blucher, and Prinz Eugen plus a couple more that were never finished.
  8. IIRC, they said they weren't putting submerged tubes in game (which is 99% of BB torps). Tirpitz apparently has deck mounts.
  9. I suspect that the Tirpitz is the premium and the preliminary Bismarck stats are the stock config.
  10. I agree, but that has to be calculated by hand at the moment. Website doesn't give it.
  11. Those aren't ship survival rates, they are the percentage of games played in each class. The portal profile page will give you the numbers.
  12. 44.83% Survival BB - 37.93% CV - 16.67% CA - 41.95% DD - 3.45%
  13. I missed that, for some reason I thought she didn't get the torp upgrades. Thanks.
  14. To clarify further, Furutaka is in her mid 1930s configuration. She and her sister Kako were built in the 1920s (entered service 1926) and later updated to the same standard as half-sister Aoba, including twin turrets, in the late 30s (in the yard April '37 to April '39). After the upgrades, the Aoba and Furutaka duos were so similar that they are often considered a single four-ship class in the literature. The "elite" in game setup is therefore a historical configuration and not really a Frankenstein, but not her final configuration or one that ever saw combat.
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