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  1. Hey dawdaw, if you're ever back online, should contact me, is smiliey/straiku_waifu.

    I still check here like once a month or two.

  2. Woah you're dark purple overall now. Woah Loosy tanked my stats when she played my acc LUL
  3. This thread should have died when bulba died. Probably when wot died. So a long time ago.
  4. My blog for the day: Was up all night cause why not and got bored of doing pleb math studying so I decide to play some MW2 cause I was kinda getting back into playing it more than once a month. 3 TDM lobbies (no other lobbies on the game ever) -Hardcore 3rd person search and destroy (turbo aids) -Headshot only pistol only (cancer) -1000% speed 1% health Capture the flag, a fall or bump of a few m will kill you and moving up ANY incline launches you Been like that all week. Decided to re-install BO3, which i had uninstalled because it was literally the only thing I played. Fucking CoD. I no lifed CoD. Let that dank meme sink in for a second. Is tanks worth it? Is Tanks basically CoD tier? Should I just give up on playing decent games? Fuck overwatch. All I want is a decent RTS to meme on again, because rip sc2 pro dreams. Even more dead than NA CW. Thanks for subscribing to my blog no hate comments, or reported to Reddit mods. Cx
  5. Lmao I have as many or more profile views as the mods #Itpays2Shitpost

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    2. Fulcrous


      wh0a. i'm nowhere near cuni though. 71k > my 17k

    3. PityFool


      Now lets compare upboats because that's the masterrace metric

    4. #Lunaughty


      I don't post ayo, 1200 for maybe 500 posts is bretty dank since most of my 'posts' are status updates before you could rep on status updates.

  6. W-woah Bulba won? Big surprise :^)
  8. "Iowa BY DEDUCTION" lmao I'm dead.
  9. #Lunaughty

    World of Tanks : Revisited

    Quit (again) while you still can.
  10. Animemes incoming Some premium and my favorite animemes.
  11. #Lunaughty

    Critique my Jagd 88 game

    I'm pretty trash at this game, but upload some average day-to-day replays with maybe a specific situation where you want feedback, aka scouts are 3v1'ing your full health reloading waffle but base is being capped or something and then ask what you coulda done better there and you'll get good feedback. Just looking at your team I don't have to watch the replay to know instantly that a) they were trash and probably just fed the enemy team b) you did a fuck load of damage and there probably wasn't a ton of room for improvement in that game and probably played things pretty well aside from taking some shots or missing some where you didn't need to. c) This is a pretty unrepeatable game so unless you're wanting tips on how to do this over and over again (who wouldn't? But then again who can do 7k dpg in a jag over and over again) then I don't know how much help you'd get from anyone except Carbonward yelling at you for taking any damage ever.