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    me name jaun from Guatemala me sell sistre with downs syndrome for laptop bcome pro gaemer liek qtpie move to america big countri big money pls donate so can buy sitser bakc
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  1. where are u luna?

  2. Woah you're dark purple overall now. Woah Loosy tanked my stats when she played my acc LUL
  3. This thread should have died when bulba died. Probably when wot died. So a long time ago.
  4. My blog for the day: Was up all night cause why not and got bored of doing pleb math studying so I decide to play some MW2 cause I was kinda getting back into playing it more than once a month. 3 TDM lobbies (no other lobbies on the game ever) -Hardcore 3rd person search and destroy (turbo aids) -Headshot only pistol only (cancer) -1000% speed 1% health Capture the flag, a fall or bump of a few m will kill you and moving up ANY incline launches you Been like that all week. Decided to re-install BO3, which i had uninstalled because it was literally the only thing I played. Fuc
  5. Lmao I have as many or more profile views as the mods #Itpays2Shitpost

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    2. Fulcrous


      wh0a. i'm nowhere near cuni though. 71k > my 17k

    3. PityFool


      Now lets compare upboats because that's the masterrace metric

    4. #Lunaughty


      I don't post ayo, 1200 for maybe 500 posts is bretty dank since most of my 'posts' are status updates before you could rep on status updates.

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