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  1. I find recently that I've been able to get at least an average of 5K dpg while playing 268 AP spam (HEAT is ghey), so I can relate on that pressure of doing not trash and ending up with like 3K or something.
  2. >can't carry my teams well b/c I don't spam HEAT Implying HEAT will help you carry, with flex's it's more about positioning. Also, I'm a bit... young. Don't judge me. Wat Dis jail bait lol XP Also may mention that HEAT spamming really isn't costly when you aren't heavy grinding the tank. While HEAT spam on the 69 isn't as needed as on the E-100, you should still fire it to do better. Why not take an advantage when you can get it? Edit1:Dat self contradiction right there...* IF you feel like you need it to pen (Penning reliably is nice, though its HEAT, so I would rather sho
  4. Watched it, had top lel when Dmac died. I call for a vote of non confidence in him and vote for him to be kicked under the following: Diving in a 268 and dying Diving in a 268 and dying to IOC Dying to IOC
  5. Along side reading Sela's map placement, just plat with purples, and watch how they play. If you can pick it up you'll get better very quickly.
  6. >SARUDE- DANDSTORM You're ruining everything I hold dear.
  7. First thing to learn how to do? Reverse properly... I always thought it was like with a car. If you turn right while backing up you backup to the left... Opposed to WoT, where it's more of a joystick control.
  8. Well... Meh. Firing gold doesn't SOLVE it. I think most players just complain about the fact it negates most armour. Maybe not some heavy tank upper pates, but on other tanks where AP(APCR for 10 meds) may not be able to pen, gold can. Like on the test server, you go to test out mobility, the gun, and how you like the tank, but NOT the armour as literally everyone is firing gold. I still don't care and agree with you. I do see most players points.
  9. Can confirm. Every E-75 that I pen in the upper turret/commander hatch "Lol nice HEAT bro give me some more", or "HEAT(Gold rounds) should be removed". Though most of the time they are right about calling me out on it... Though, there is a reason it's for credits, so it's no longer a lesser version of pay to win. Edit 1: T-54 is the tank I tend to spam gold from.
  10. Well, WN8 isn't quite cannon yet, I know there are a few threads out there like this, but I was wondering more specifics to the stuff I play at high tiers. I'm kinda asking for play style tips, but more of just what I should be aiming to do to aim for a 1700 WN7/8 kinda thing. Been able to keep a not horrible average stat per game in the 268. My T-54 stats are not great, but then again that is the med I learned how to play meds on... Overall what do you purple people aim for in tanks like these? Not going to mention the IS-6 because it's stats are beyond saving but what should I be aiming
  11. I dive hard. Like, too hard. 10/10 Russian judge Olympic diving style. It mostly turns out in me exploding (Though taking 2-3 of their tanks) I could play it a lot better, that or not YOLO420SCOPE...
  12. (aslo new), Tl;dr don't shitpost. ... Basically don't clutter the boards, and try not to offend anyone, standard forum stuff.
  13. When making a post, think about how people will most likely react. If no one really cares about why/ what you have to say, then you have either failed to make your point, or didn't have a good point in the first place. This is neither of it, as this point shouldn't exist in the first place, as it's mostly just you complaining on this forum about another forum thinking you will get support about it. >it must be forbidden to say that an absurd post is absurd. Or the mods just don't care? And/or it wasn't absurd in the first place... Edit 1: >Making a legitimate complaint about WoT
  14. Not a critique, but a question. Playing it like a sniper to manage that kind of damage? Or mid range... Like the range those scrub E-100's sit at to 'support'. Doesn't seem like a tank that could successfully brawl.
  15. So, just by looking around this place is obviously different than the super quality WG WoT forums. Though I can't see it, so anything I should know before diving in? Also, first post yay , friend said I should check this place out since I'm in the WoTlabs channel in-game like err'day anyways. Halp a forum newbie out?
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