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  1. I never notice crap accuracy on Patton due to acceptable bloom while moving and good aim time. With most tanks, I shoot before circle is zoomed in anyway, so whether a tank has good accuracy and bad bloom or bad accuracy and good bloom is irrelevant to me, I shoot when the aim circle sort of covers what I want to hit.
  2. Things I value most in mobile tanks: forward turret, gun depression, aim time. A-44 is a real struggle. Luckily my pubbies are carrying hard, 65% winrate after 30 battles with less than 1k damage per match. Whatever I do in the tank it doesn't work. The gun is so random it makes me rage just seeing the bloom moving out of base, the armor is crap, one gets tracked every shot and every other shot engine is gone. Might be the first tank I will prematurely free-xp after the French tier 4 TD.
  3. Well, you will get spotted in any tank if you fire your gun, only stealth TDs can get away with that sometimes. But camo allows you to move into the position from where you can shoot without getting spotted, that is the important part.
  4. Well hindsight is always easy. I think there were two things that primarily lost you the battle: that bounce on tracked E-75 with exposed front in the beginning and that hilarious 570 roll on the 600hp T34 that later screwed you up. In the end, especially after that AT got killed, I think I would've gone looking for the T34 more actively, dropping down in the water to the right of the base. In my opinion, in situations like you were in, you need to be ultra-agressive on the weakest of the two tanks attacking you, the sooner you make it 1vs1 the better. But yeah, strong fight nonetheless. Btw convincing lying on your gold ammo situation
  5. I'd suggest running camo instead of BiA. Unlike the M48, camo on M46 is more than decent and camo crew allows you to exploit enemy weaknesses so much better, much more so than BiA. In my opinion, M46 is all about actively finding (using viewrange) the weakest position in the enemy team and then DPMing your way through that to flank the other tanks. Not getting spotted before you are engaging then is a huge plus to the surprise party. By the way, full repair on all crew members gives you a grand total of 4 second track repair time. It's awesome, I don't know why all tier 10 mediums have so much longer repair time.
  6. I can't really blame anyone for camping. There are many advantages: your binocs start working, giving average 400m view tank more view range than the best vision equipped medium that is moving. At the same time, being stationary increases your camouflage, especially if you can find a bush. Moreover camping requires less thought: the default situation when camping is not dying. Also, maps are small. On bigger maps, we would see concentration of force as the key to victory. Right now its not needed, from the middle on any map, you can shoot anywhere (and nearly spot anywhere). Final bonus is the fact that being stationary gives you zoomed in aim circle, moving tanks are less accurate. So yeah, I'd say below a certain skill threshold, camping is actually the most valid option for most players. That's problem of current meta more than anything.
  7. I already did on page 2. But it seems mainly that on higher tiers its easier to get confederate (I guess low tier is more qone or two shot) and on low tier its easier to get top gun. Interestingly, at face value, survival ratio doesn't seem to impact the numbers all that much.
  8. Haha yes. Well, I'm talking about M46 or Leopard, with 410m base, optics, BiA, some crew skills it's quite possible. Of course, you won't spot full camo mediums that aren't shooting, but you spot any heavy and the bigger TDs. Their sixth will go off, they will back off, you can cross bridge, spot the tanks with higher camo. When I lose on Erlenberg, it's because my pubbies suicide over bridge in beginning and stop in the middle or get overwhelmed at hill. When we get through the first 2 minutes with equal losses (or not) it's just another spotting war.
  9. Blues are best. We can teamkill and noone will notice. I played SPG for 250 matches and died of shame when I was aiming for someone, clicked and killed a full HP tier 10 in my tier 7 (Obj 212) that wasn't even spotted one time yet, but just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So yeah, during is highly possible. After that battle I sold my SPGs as well.
  10. You just need a medium with a bit of view range in the middle. If you have one with max viewrange + a bit you can spot the ridge. Clean out the enemy from the middle, attack either North or South (with middle moving up and spotting) and it's pretty easy. I don't think Erlenberg is a great map, but don't understand the vile hate for it.
  11. I have bad survival rate mostly because I yoloderp when I know the game is won. That's my time to do some one vs one or one vs two fun. The result is me dying, I think if I didn't do that I could've had up to 10% higher S/R.
  12. I think this is pretty much it, in addition to easier top gun gathering at low tier. Skurke, I'm not trying to figure anything out immediately, more just looking for reason(s) why I have like a 1:4.5 Top Gun:Confederate rating. All the rest of the people in the topic have much closer to 1:1 (with someone having 1:2 as biggest difference in ratio), and it's the same for people in my clan. I guess I'm just extremely bad at target selection or in general aiming so I do hit stuff because I'm in the right position, but I miss so much that I give others a chance to kill of targets I should've killed off. I know aiming in general is a weakness of me, I don't have reflexes at all and also miss quite a bit of leading shots. I can't really find any relation with survival rate in any case. Thanks for participation all!
  13. Well yeah I could also camp but screw that. Of course, I do that carefully and only if there is no other option, and usually when I see something / 6th lights up I don't even try the shot.
  14. Those New Year Resolution 10/20/30 are a lot more worthwhile: basically 300k free if you wait a bit with them killshots. Really like that they are back, I'm still buying new tanks, three lines at once at the moment, even though I have no idea why I'm doing that.
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