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  1. I am not a recruiter for the clan I'm in, but the clan I'm in is a pretty good group of guys. GMU or Got Mitt Uns. We're in the Top 60. So, when we come across the big guys, we enjoy the beating we'll take and take it like men. Generally it's a mature group and they are good people. I'm the weakest guy they have and am only in because I showed up every night without being in to help. Every night they run skirmishes or advances so there is plenty of action. They are really a good group and there's little drama. If you're looking for more elite stuff we may not be it, but w
  2. The Tier 8 Swedish TD is just fine in Tier 10 games, but your point is generally quite valid. Honestly, WG should make the bulk of Tier 10 games be against Tier 10 vehicles. And where there is a Tier 10 vehicle there can only be Tier 9 or Tier 10. BUT, same for every other tier. Meaning, just make matchmaking one level up. You're either top tier or one level down. You'd have to do SOMETHING with some of the premiums and lights, but doing this would make the world a better place.
  3. I see rumors the M48 is the next On Track after the awful arty On Track we're now having. I am already in my Pershing readying for the discounts and this tank as it was always going to be my first medium, but then I shifted to the Object 140 for clan reasons, but now for discount reasons it will be my first medium anyway :).
  4. Thank you. This is really helpful actually. I'm a pretty poor player, and I can say I generally have "ok" at least games in the Guard because two pens and it's an ok-ish game. But the Pershing, which I enjoy playing more generally, it's at least 4 for the same "ok" game. And I imagine looking at the pen and alpha of the 44-100 that it'd be like the Pershing where I like playing it ok, but I suck bad enough to die after two shots and then hate myself in the morning :). I may actually show restraint and NOT buy a tank and continue waiting on the Defender/Object and Loraine to com
  5. I'm torn on buying this when it goes back on sale next week. I have the Guard and like it ok, but would like a "faster" medium to learn tactics and stuff with and this tank seems good for that, but as many have said, it's so proximate to the standard tank it may not be worth the very high price they are charging.
  6. I am a total crap player so my word is largely meaningless. However, having pushed to the E75 and now having it fully upgraded, I can say this is the first tank I've driven at any tier that seems usable on any map in any situation. I only have three Tier IXs. The AMX 50/120 was horrible and is a full support tank only. The M103 is ungodly good in hull down positions, but ONLY in hull down. It is a good peek a boom with the gun handling, but you'll take shots you don't block in this unless hull down. But the E75 just needs to angle. Doesn't have to have a ridge. Just angle. A
  7. The minipatch has broken the mod pack for me as of this morning. However, I just copied the contents of res_mods/ into res_mods/ and it works.
  8. I'm using Nolan's pack for now. I tried Aslain's and that seems like it has all the bells and whistles, but I'd have to figure out how to ring them all and that is beyond me. I'm bad at tanks. I don't want to also be bad at setting up tanks . Nolan's comes configured similarly to Sela's. It seems to work well. But, I've only played two games with it. http://www.twitch.tv/nolan1243
  9. I was going to toy with tank destroyers during this On Track and was going to buy this or the 100y. I was leaning for the 100 because it seems a better crew trainer which is why I'd have it. But this seems so much better as a tank to play. If you could only get one, is this the one?
  10. I have not logged in for six months. Played last night. VERY difficult .
  11. I played one game in this expecting it to blow both because I only play heavy tanks and suck at light tanks and because I'd read it kind of sucked. 1054 damage and 5 spots. I was top tier, so that probably helped, but I was kind of expecting 200 and a potato death . I'll take it .
  12. I elite any tank I drive before moving by it and any tank I keep I have full equipment on. But, I only keep Tier 5 or above. My rule of thumb is at Tier 5 I need a 100 percent crew, but nothing on skills. Tier 5 is where I train on an elite tank to get sixth sense and that first skill to 100 percent. Every Tier 5 tank I own has a full equipment set. At Tier 6 and beyond, I will only play if the crew has 100 percent in their primary skill and ONE full 100 percent skill so I have sixth sense. When I moved my M6 crew up to my T29, I parked the M6 until the T1/T14 tank could giv
  13. Sela. Seriously, don't get this up for us. I mean, you have to get it up for her and all. But, when she's showering, if you have time, feel free. But only AFTER business is handled proper like .
  14. I tried to ghetto make Sela's stuff work with the latest XVM by copying things around and stuff. IT DID NOT WORK and, surprisingly, I suck at this game without all these mods. Good to know. Looks like I do Christmas stuff now.
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