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  1. WZ-120: 21 WZ-111 1-4: 23. Skoda T-50: 28 AMX 30: 23 Waffenträger auf Panzer IV: 17 Jagdtiger: 22 VK 45.02 B: 22 E 75: 13 E 50: 26 Leopard PTA: 22 Type 61: 11 Centurion 7/1: 9 Tortoise: 14 Conqueror: 23 T54E1: 18 T30: 18 M46 Patton: 31 M103: 6 - 3 = 3 Good gun, workable DPM but paper thin MASSIVE turret makes this a large pile of dung. Object 704: 17 T-54: 22Obj 430V2: 24 T-10: 27 + 1 = 28 This tier has a BUNCH of great tanks but a
  2. BULBA Current Clan (64 days) FOXEY 7 days BULBA 275 days FOXEY 25 days BULBA 88 days FOXEY 68 days _ICE_ 3 days _NWO_ 90 days _ICE_ 129 days FORAY 75 days Shit colored Pot, this is a Shit colored Kettle. Nice to meet you.
  3. SFC Do you know what causes these errors? ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/gui/server_events/EventsCache.py, 656): Trying to get quests data from not account player (7, PlayerAvatar at 0x35F55FA8) ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/framework/entities/BaseDAAPIModule.py, 60): Error during <gui.Scaleform.framework.managers.TutorialManager.TutorialManager object at 0x48BC9790> flash disposing and ERROR: [EXCEPTION] (scripts/common/Event.py, 34): Traceback (most recent call last): File "scripts/common/Event.py", line 32, in __call__ File "scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/daapi/
  4. lmfao Strana saltiest nerd in NA History. No one cares about RDDT or the M60 campaign, in fact no one cares about any campaign. Cry about rayman to rayman, none of us have talked to him in at least a year... he hasn't logged in and played in probably that same amount of time.
  5. Pope says some good things in there, for me as I transition into a better player over time I found that consistency is the key... and I know it's hard to "learn" consistency but it DOES take time. It takes effort and TIME put in to learn from your mistakes. Purple players didn't just turn the game on play 10 games and instantly know everything to become deep purple. They evaluated themselves over thousands of games, they were critical of their mistakes. They didn't yell at their platoon mates about how so and so pubbie caused their demise (Hardest) and they didn't CHAI snipe to purple.
  6. Would it be too expensive if it has limited MM though? Is the gun that awful?
  7. Seriously nice job Never, or whoever designed the new layout... It's beautiful.
  8. I posted this in the other thread but has anyone modified the colors.xc to suit Aslains XVM scheme yet? This is throwing my mojo off... I'm considering just going back to Aslain default and maybe just changing the teal... that's the only one that really bugs me.
  9. I realize not everyone uses Aslain but I'm having issues modifying his colors.xc. Anyone give me a quick rundown on how to integrate this or has anyone updated it themselves yet?
  10. I actually didn't spam much sprem in the T69 and managed to get through it in a somewhat timely manner. Just play it like any other medium and look for side shots... I'm not a huge fan of the T69 or the T54E1... but they are workable.
  11. After a mod posted various reasons I should be banned and some introspection, I've decided I did not join the Wotlabs forums to troll. I'm here to teach and to learn. That's all I'll be doing from here on.

    1. pauli


      That is a good decision.

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