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  1. They will probably make it somewhat more expensive than a normal premium, in the expectation that most people will get a certain discount. I thing they did this on some other tanks where you could either earn or buy tokens to get the tank.
  2. Am I confused, or this flatly better than the FV4202? Same gun and speed but more armor...
  3. Since it is always re-loading, you will never get caught out with a huge time remaining until you fire ANYTHING. That's nice.
  4. Scary good IMO, but very slow traverse (if you really want to look for issues.) Tier 8 premium Firefly plus alpha... now if I only had a good crew for it.
  5. I thought this tank would be a T8 Firefly, but the gun would need to be even better for that to be true. And the long reload is a killer.
  6. Copied old 0.9.15 folder contents, also modified game version in xvm config files. Still stuck at ' updating discounts'. EDIT Re-built res_mods with latest XVM (for micro update) added last - seems to be working.
  7. OuttaGum


    A pretty fun game although once you sort of figure it out it gets a bit dull. One tip: Build lots of markets and make sure houses are within their circle. If you have the mod that gives you 'general stores' (mini-markets) use those too. Everybody will go to the market instead of the original supplier, which saves tons of their time. One oddity of really big cities is they can starve even with lots of stored food; that's because there aren't enough markets+vendors to distribute it well.
  8. I'd say you have no good options but to try and cap, but he would probably win. (He just needs to put a few shots into you while hidden, and he probably has better view range and camo.) Of course, if he foolishly gets on cap first, you can probably kill him with no problem.
  9. A key point is that it is good insurance to be on the cap...you can always drive off at the last moment.
  10. I'd vote T32. I always have fun in that tank, and it is one of the few where I can sometimes feel invulnerable.
  11. Tier IX grind - Laugh, cry, kiss my WR goodbye.

  12. Did US and USSR, then caved and bought tokens, rationalizing it on the grounds I spent as much as I would have for a 112, which I can now avoid buying. The kill-stealing, yolo-ing, nasty games got to me. Now I need to fix the damage to my stats from playing too much in a bad mood.
  13. No, it's not because I failed scrollbar class. Something strange is going on. Maybe I should check all nations.
  14. Wait a minute... I don't have that many patterns showing for China. WTF? I only have 4. I need to see if a mod screwed them up.
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