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  1. its not a bad idea. The 20's cant track a tank all the time but the 32 does seem to do so most times. The 20 is just the best of 2 middling choices
  2. After I grind through it and sell it of course it gets improved. I wish the gave the same 32lber to the At15.
  3. "Preferred" doesn't mean "best," it means "tend to choose." Anyway 230 and 200 is a vast improvement over 150 and 171. It would instantly change the tank from terrible grind/ free xp through to ok or more depending on DPM and gun handling. The 45.03 doesn't seem bad and the streamers I have seen play say its ok, its a vast improvement over the BP. That's the only point I was making. As it stands now the BP is just a tank you grind through, tap 3xR, hold fire button down.
  4. Who wouldn't play the BP like that? It would instantly be a preferred tank at tier 7
  5. Like I said its just terrible now with the meta. Having the upgraded turret that is supposedly coming will help some, same as the premium tank metal band rip off they just sold. Slow, no armor, low alpha heavies with little DPM just don't have a place.
  6. Its terrible now with the meta. I played during the previous on track (1-2 years ago) and it was essentially a Tiger a tier higher, which wasn't great. Taking it out again for the latest on track was just bad, you have no role but hull down sniper and it could be the worst tier 8 heavy outside of the 175 pen premiums (which still might be better because of their alpha.) Things like the Lowe can just kill you at their leisure, even the old, power creeped premiums are better than you in all but a very few circumstances. Its a little better if you are top tier like in stronks, but the current MM is just terrible for tier 8 in general. Tier 8 MM is now built for T26e5, Defendors, etc, not the old tanks. The Conq with the 20 pounder is better than Caern is full upgraded, and tier 9's without the top gun are generally terrible.
  7. I actually set it up with a secondary build (before latest patch) because the planes you see are not very good and anyone who knows what they are doing will avoid you anyway. You get your range out to 7.2km IIRC, so you can run down DD's and cruisers who get to close. Within that range you are a full CLE and half an ATL, so you just melt things. Once the BB got in close you can support them
  8. Its essentially the premium 4503 a tier higher
  9. This is the debate that was going on BlueStealth's stream. Basically the discussion broke on 2 sides, "if its not in the EULA its legal" and Blue's position similar to yours, WG did not intend these boosts they are just the product of thoughtless design. Some broke on the idea that if you can get there yourself that somehow changed the argument. I personally think these things happen in all games, but since WG has known about them for years and refuses to correct them its now thoughtless and careless. The research and testing of these spots is freely available, they just have to make an effort to actually fix them.
  10. along with Heavies carry games. Questions though since I don't know or I am unsure: Is it heavies win games or keep you from losing them? If your heavies lose badly, you generally lose. If you win the heavy brawl sometimes you don't have enough left to push through for the win. Many times though if you can hold on in a heavy and stalemate them your mediums can win it for you. Its a mix of all three of three of course, but more of preventing their heavies from winning especially front-lining for people since most are not willing and even less are capable, giving your team a chance to support. Thoughts? The platoon with other good players is key, but is the MIX of tanks more important? For example, I platoon with Crab, he is by far the better player. Would we win more if I was in the heavy front-lining with him in support in a non-heavy, or vice versa? I don't platoon much (less than %5 of my total games for sure) since my game time is limited, but I want to more and want to know what is better for a player of my skill. I watch SELA often, and his steady complaint is its tough to play a non top tier support tank solo since you need to have players front line for you. He is obviously a great player and I believe that to be true. The implication is if in solo queue you maximize your random pubbies by getting into some armor and front-lining for them; I believe this to be true in my experience but given my skill level cant trust my opinion to be true. Is it? Thanks for the opinions.
  11. ONE of the guys. ONE. Its certainly possible for a player to pound out a lot of games, but its rare. 1000 battles a week, week after week, is a person that really has nothing to do. At 5 minutes a battle, its 83 hours of game play, so almost 12 hours a day for 7 days. There isn't that many people that can even sit that long, let alone play that much. The updated list below has one player over %50 out of 25. As far as buying for clans, some do. Some people you watch them play and just know that they bought that account or something. Most though are as you say, too lazy to grind. The ones that get me the most are those that hire someone to 3 mark a tank for them. You could just use a re-skin. There is no accomplishment if you don't do it yourself.
  12. I think Bots are a much bigger percentage then you think. You can see the sales all over the internet of botted accounts. Here is a list from the HOF front page, these people played 100+ battles per day over a 28 day period. I don't believe you can play that many battles per day without botting. With 16 hours of play per day its 6 battles per hour non stop, 28 days in a row. I can play more battles than that in an hour only if I get lucky with some short battles, but not hour after hour day after day. http://worldoftanks.com/en/leaderboard/#wot&lb_tr=28&lb_of=battles_count&lb_cd=2017-1-25&lb_sg=all&lb_nick=SMBakerESQ As far as cheating, it does exist. I understand the serverside argument, but I am under no illuision that WG would spend proper money to protect thier servers and that talented people can get into them. I am always perplexed as to why you would use an aimbot or such stuff? How is that fun for you? How do you get the enjoyment out of the game? How do you get a sense of accomplishment? I do know some in the hacker crowd that get into things just to prove they can, but that's a rare motivation. Same thing for me for the people that pay others to grind their accounts: how do you learn to play and why do you think you could play that top tier tank when you get it?
  13. Funny but true electric story. Playing golf with friends and drinking. On this course the greens have a single wire fence around them with enough juice to keep animals off the greens, it just gives them a little shock but isn't harmful at all. Well drunk friend decides to urinate on it to see the sparks. Before I could tell him the electric current will travel upstream he does it. The shock to his twig and berries must have sent him 5 feet in the air, he then proceeds to urinate all over himself too.
  14. Havn't been shopping and building a PC in awhile so I want to ask for some help. This is for a second computer in house, the kids (10 and 8) use it for youtube, minecraft, school stuff like I-ready, etc. No serious gaming or work. I was going to just by a prebuilt anything since I am replacing a core2 duo so everything is better than that, but I want to build one with the kids so they can learn how to do it. It is very old and just starting to fall apart. Want to build from ground up so kids can help to learn how to do it. Any ideas or help be appreciated?
  15. Havnt been shopping and building a PC in awhile so I want to ask for some help. This is for a second computer in house, the kids (10 and 8) use it for youtube, minecraft, school stuff like Iready, etc. No serious gaming or work. I was going to just by a prebuilt anything since I am replacing a core2 duo so everything is better than that, but I want to build one with the kids so they can learn how to do it. Any ideas?
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