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  1. 4.3k average over 240 battles is absolutely absurd. I remember when they first started handing them out for the clan wars campaign reward and everyone called it the fail lowe. Has it seen any adjustments since then? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoFVhYX6KdM
  2. tsizzle98

    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    Recently got back into the game and picked this tank up. I'm amazed at how effortless it is to rack up hard damage in this thing. From what I've heard, the side armor used to be more broken than it already is. Haven't played the T-10 yet tho, need more free xp and hell will freeze over before I give SerB more of my money. Is this easy to statpad in? I don't have the patience to play any of my TDs anymore.
  3. don't expect updates before Sunday Eastern time. Sunday Eastern time Sunday Eastern time Sunday Eastern time
  4. tsizzle98

    Building PC help

    Don't mean to bump an old thread but did the OP get his rig built ok? Just curious.
  5. tsizzle98

    Dog thread

  6. tsizzle98

    Unconventional WoT Opinions 2

    E75 is not a good tank Abbey is not a well designed map Kewei isn't that good at this game
  7. tsizzle98

    Capped out at 60fps

    Look up vsync on google. Basically, its purpose is to synchronize your framerate with your monitor's refresh rate. So if you have vsync turned on, and your monitor's refresh rate is 60 hertz, then your fps will max out at 60. It's supposed to eliminate screen tearing. Some people are more sensitive to that sort of thing. I'm not one of those people, but I like having a consistently high framerate when playing tanks, so I play with vsync on (and with most games). If you want to increase your frames past 60 fps, simply turn off vsync. Also, make sure you turn it off in your nvidia settings as well, in case you have it forced on for all of your games. Whether or not your GPU is capable of pushing WoT past 60 is anybody's guess. I wouldn't expect it to go much higher. For me, 60 fps is perfect, but not everybody is the same.
  8. tsizzle98

    Building PC help

    Hehe. Yeah, joncjg is actually still making it. It's on season 8 now. Not sure how many you've watched. Cool that you recognized it bro, not many do MAI ROFLCOPTER GO SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI
  9. tsizzle98

    Building PC help

    Where I live there's a shop not too far away called "computer discount center" where basically all they do is sell laptops and fix people's computers. I had them torture test one of my old rigs in an attempt to fix it, and they also put in a new hard drive in my laptop when it died. Look around for a place like that in the phone book or online. That would definitely be your best bet. If you bring them all the parts, they would only probably charge for labor. Most places like that have a 1 hour minimum charge - probably around $70 American. I know it's not ideal to spend that much money for assembly, but I think it's the best option if you can't get a friend to help you out.
  10. tsizzle98

    Sidescraping/angling in an Obj. 140?

    Yeah! To build off of that, sometimes I like to bounce in and out a little bit around the corner to bait a shot. Most pubbies won't shoot, but if you bounce in and out for a while and THEN go out a BIT further than usual then pull back, they think you're going to pull out completely - and then hurl a shell off your front plate (or miss altogether, b/c you pulled back fast enough). I still don't try to do it that often. Also, listen to the other ppl here, in lieu of me. They actually know what they're talking about
  11. tsizzle98

    What happened?

    Haha. This is exactly what happened to me. I always tell people: as soon as you reach light purple recent is when you quit the game. That being said, it'll be interesting to see how long my current excursion lasts.
  12. tsizzle98

    Garbad I maed dis 4 u

    I am officially triggered.
  13. tsizzle98

    Sidescraping/angling in an Obj. 140?

    I never plan on sidescraping with my 140, but it's been done a few times. Like others have said, I almost always poke the front out instead, but only rarely. I guess I just tend to try and find another way to engage the other tank. Find a little ridge and abuse the turret, or something. I think of it this way: I'm in basically one of the best tanks in the game, there's probably a more advantageous position for me to be in. If I absolutely have to sidescrape, fine. But I feel like there's always a better opportunity/more advantageous position to be in. Plus, sidescraping in the 140 might make it easier to snipe one of your cupolas, because you're not moving the tank as much from side to side (from your enemy's perspective). Unless you're super quick about it. It would still be pretty hard to hit it.
  14. tsizzle98

    What happened?

    I'm definitely not going to claim this happens to everybody, but it happened to me, too. I was steadily increasing, linearly, at around 1400 WN8 overall. I hit a moment too, where I started to do much better - and then the increase became more exponential than linear. Since then, it has begun to...even out for me. But, I still think the phenomenon you're seeing is like what happened to me. I don't think it's that too much out of the ordinary. But, I certainly wouldn't sit on it. Keep doing what you're doing. I wish I hit another "improvement" period in my tanking career.
  15. This place has been, and always will be, a place where people actually looking to improve will improve. From that standpoint, this place is objectively positive. Whoever thinks this place has a negative impact has no weight to their argument. And while wotlabs has only affected a small portion of the community, the effect it HAS had on that small portion is impressive.