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  1. When I first played this thing on the Test server I thought that there'd be no way this makes it to the live server without getting nerfed. This is the first tank I've ever hit 4,000 DPG with which says a lot considering it's 200 DPG above my Chief. Like others have said, this will absolutely get nerfed, I'd assume it'll either take a hit on the intraclip to 2.5 seconds or a 21-22 second reload, or both.
  2. The thing that annoys me the most is the overall hit to effectiveness due to taking away the 14% or so Commander passive boost and locking it behind the Level 75 wall in increments, meaning that you have to get a 5-skill equivalent crew to activate the old passive Commander bonus. Another thing that I've found annoying is the RNG for the instructor skills (You get random presets given to you, you don't get to choose where the bonus points go). They said in the video that they wanted to get away from having must have skills that are always picked, but Repairs, Firefighting, scuffed BIA (Co
  3. Last time I sent in replays, you pointed out my indecisiveness in the options I have during a game. This has generally gotten better since then, but then I got the Bourrasque. I've been hardstuck at 2200 DPG because I'm just not consistent when I play it, I do 3000 damage in one game then 0 damage or the like in the next 2 games, rinse and repeat. I also can't figure out when to switch roles to help either myself deal damage, or the team win the game. Additionally, I find it difficult to exploit openings (However, I feel that I am able to see them when they open), or really do anythi
  4. I'll believe the performance improvements they claim when I see them via benchmarks from reputable tech sites and YouTube channels. That 3070 seems like a steal though if their claims do hold true.
  5. That GSOR looks so broken in its current state and would completely outmatch the Skorpion in terms of how aggressive you can play (I like playing Skorp aggressively like a Medium when situations allow me to do so), on top of that has a TVP clip and 320 APCR.
  6. So I used boosters + blueprints to skip to both the Type 61 and Leo PTA. I have free exp to get them fully upgraded so that's not an issue, but I only have the credits to buy one, which should I buy?

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    2. king_spaniel


      I should also point out that both tier X's are generally considered "good".  Both have their supporters (as a pub tank).  Both do get occasionally/situationally used in competitive, with the STB having a slight edge cause of its strength when put into hulldowns, hillsides

    3. Snoregasm2


      TBH, right now tier 10 is so shit that i'd base your decision on which is the more fun tier 9 to play. You've got both anyway, but playing tier 10 after playing the tier 9s will feel like a step down in fun I think.

    4. hazzgar


      Tier 10 was shit most of the time with small periods of not shit so its not a surprise

  7. This thing is insane lol


    1. ZXrage


      You should see the Standard B

    2. Spinee


      I'll definitely end up trying it at one point, but after playing the T 50 with its 1.8 sec intraclip, 3 seconds would feel like an eternity. 19.38 second reload on the T 50 was really short as well, so there was never really a situation where I felt that I got caught out reloading.

  8. Played these 5 back to back: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5307305#studzianki-spinee-object_277 http://wotreplays.eu/site/5307327#fjords-spinee-object_277 http://wotreplays.eu/site/5307328#serene_coast-spinee-object_277 http://wotreplays.eu/site/5307355#mountain_pass-spinee-object_277 http://wotreplays.eu/site/5307415#kharkov-spinee-object_277 I think my mechanic knowledge is relatively good. The two biggest problems that have crept up on me again is using team lists, both mine and enemy team, in order to decide what positions are effective upon deployment. Additional
  9. The hull traverse values of the E 75 seem to be the wrong way around BTW. Currently on the live server it has 28 degrees/sec on its stock tracks and 30 on its top tracks and, so I think they're actually buffing it from 28 to 36 for stock tracks and 30 - 39 for top tracks. As if this tank needed a buff Personally, I think the biggest buff here is to the T32. I'm interested to see how it'll perform. I really liked it even when it had terrible pen, and whilst 208 still sucks, with the increased DPM, it'd have 2,200+, so that thing would be pretty good with full Gold.
  10. The only thing I personally think is worth it is the T8 Prems like the T26E5 and AMX M4 49 for F2P players that may have saved up bonds and need a T8 Prem. Otherwise, yeah, save it up and wait for something good. I'd wager that the VK 7201 will show up at some point, but I highly dout the Chief and 907 will be sold.
  11. Sandbox is up for HE shell testing. Here is what's changed in detail:
  12. I was in the same dilemma. I think a high caliber tank with full HE would do the trick. Was gonna try it with the 268 v4 but maybe the SU-152 would be a better bet.
  13. Hiding stats and retaining a username wouldn't work at all. XVM would just update so as to show the last recorded stats of the player before they hid their stats, and you'd be back to square 1. I was initially skeptical of this name hiding feature, as I thought it might have been possible for XVM to somehow fetch the original name, but they claim that this problem is solved. Another potential problem with this is making the list of possible nicknames something predictable, because if one originally used XVM to target the best players before, and now they see someone had their name hidden
  14. Wait a minute Could it be that it's finally fixed?
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