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  1. Bro IDK why but I just cannot make neither the WZ-111 5A nor the 113 work, can never get myself in good positions to deal damage. Main problem I think that contributes to this is the fact that I don't know when to be a heavy and when to be a medium. I just look at no. of meds and decide if it's worth reinforcing or not, and I either die or I end up with no damage. How to decide what role to take? K thx

    1. Va1heru


      You know where all the bot heavies congregate on a map? There. Easy farm dmg and also remove alot of HP from enemy team which makes late game carry easy. Trying to play chinese heavies like a medium isn't gonna result in any sort fun. Sometimes you'll get a good game bullying out of meta MT's but usually the heavy tank spot is the best bet.

    2. lavawing


      For the 5A, you play heavy against low tiers, meds , and superheavies that have shit gold pen. Unless sure that they are driven by shitters, you're generally ill advised to manfight same-tier heavies, e.g. 60TP, Sconq, etc.

      The 113 is different as the armour really is reliable in certain engagements, but then again the mid mounted turret, looooong chassis and derpy gun makes it kind of awkward to fight meds. IMO playing the 113 requires a lot more finesse and attention. 

    3. Spinee


      @Va1heru I tried what you said and I'm actually playing well in the thing again lol, had a 3.6k DPG session in 20 games which is pretty good, thanks for advice.

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