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  1. So I used boosters + blueprints to skip to both the Type 61 and Leo PTA. I have free exp to get them fully upgraded so that's not an issue, but I only have the credits to buy one, which should I buy?

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    2. king_spaniel


      I should also point out that both tier X's are generally considered "good".  Both have their supporters (as a pub tank).  Both do get occasionally/situationally used in competitive, with the STB having a slight edge cause of its strength when put into hulldowns, hillsides

    3. Snoregasm2


      TBH, right now tier 10 is so shit that i'd base your decision on which is the more fun tier 9 to play. You've got both anyway, but playing tier 10 after playing the tier 9s will feel like a step down in fun I think.

    4. hazzgar


      Tier 10 was shit most of the time with small periods of not shit so its not a surprise

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