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  1. 15 days in sharks - get 75 tokens - purchase 1 premium tier 10 camo - switch to other side for rest of event. Buy 3 boxes in the premium shop and combine with the 45 loyalty tokens from the other side and get a second tier 10 premium camo. The winning side gets one free box a day - that's it for being on the winning side - balance that with the fact that it's FAR easier to get into the top 10/100/1000 on the losing side. It's a win either way as long as you get 75 tokens for each side - that's the real reward for the entire operation.
  2. So this thread got started back in March of 2015, a little over three years ago. The last 9 months have been very dead, kind of mirroring the wotlabs site in general. It's a shame, and about a year ago I tried to drum up a little support for making a wotlabs ships rating, but the snap back was quick and dismissive. I was hoping to breath a second life into the forum, but there seems to be no interest in doing any new projects with the site owner afk. The bulk of the wow's posters here ended up in RUST and with Discord allowing the equivalent of a mini forum with constant text chatter while people are at work, the value of posting here has become moot. Sorry for the hijack Immortan, but I am thinking this might be my last post here - no point in starting a good bye thread that no one would bother reading anyway ..lol.
  3. I ask our team to not shoot down the scout planes if I am in my Richelieu AA build, easy to nab 75-95 planes with the long range AA ( 8.3 km secondary's too ).
  4. The tier 7 Lyon is a glorious shotgun of Doom! Get close enough to land the 16 shells and you will be rewarded with some hefty pens/cits.
  5. Nice start to Clan Battles season 2 for RUST - we went 8-5 and were competitive in most of the losses. Our first match out of the shoot was against -K- and while we didn't come out on top, we showed fairly well. We did manage to beat one of the multiple BOTES teams that was out, they managed 57 battles as a clan while we only got through 13, so they had at least 3 teams of 7 running hard and ended up in the same division as -K-, OPG, NADO and 07. We also got enough oil tonight to expand our clan to 50 members, so we have a few slots open if some of you guys are looking to experience Clan Battles first hand. Talk to K538 if you are interested.
  6. Just about the time the grind curve of normal players reaches the tank, it will be nerfed into oblivion - just like the Obj 268 back in the old days. I was so primed to get the 268, and actually enjoyed all the TD's in the grind, especially the Obj. 704. Finally get to the 268 about 1 1/2 months after the Nerf and .... wtf - played it a handful of times and never took it out again. Total waste of time, same thing happened to me with the FV 183 TD - sorry WG, your not going to fool me ever again. In Warships they rarely nerf ships ( aside from the inability to balance US CV line ) and when they do, it simply brings it in line - it doesn't turn into a global 48% block of cheese.
  7. What's the best tier 8 premium tank to trade in my AMX CDC for?  I always liked the Super Pershing play style ( enjoyed more than the IS-6 ) but since I haven't played in ages I don't know what will hold up to all these new tanks and TD's that are power creeping everything.

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    2. Canadian_Reaper


      The Chinese T8 TD is probably the absolute best all round one available. It can snip.brawl, pretty much anything. Downside is it's a casemate TD.

    3. BiggieD61


      I spend the bulk of my time playing Warships, I haven't played Tanks regularly in over 2 years.  That being said, I was never good enough of a player to make the AMX CDC work, and after the EU gets the premium tank trade in option, I might be inclined to pick up a fun tank to play with the trade in discount.  I have heard some good things about the Liberte, but this Chinese TD seems worth investigating.  I will also consider the 112 - my main IS-6 heartburn came from people expecting me to hold off an E-75 in a match.  Thanks to all who replied.

    4. hazzgar


      You wont make money with the 112 since it requires prem spam. It's good but you need to spam heat

  8. BiggieD61


    But hey, last year was "The Year of the CV"!, So it's all good ..... I actually play the Hosho in PvP and can do pretty well in it, so I am about to try running the Ryujo in pubs to see if I can hold my own against the Indy's I usually see. Yes, I already went through the Zuiho a while back, and frankly there is no point in playing another auto drop CV instead of going to tier 6. I actually own a Kaga, but the truth is, I suck at RTS games, it's too frenetic and I over focus one thing to the detriment of everything else. I play the Kaga in PvE and in the Operations, and it's fun, I keep hoping that I will have an enlightening moment and get good enough to be able to control 5/6 squads instead of Hosho's 3.
  9. Yeah, you have a month at least to do it, 7.1 hasn't dropped yet ( maybe this week or next ) and it will probably be a month before 7.2 drops as the deadline.
  10. I got a Mutsu in a Christmas box and finally played it. It was in a tier 6 operation just for fun - devastating gunfire, lol citadels against all the lower tier BB's. I will probably take it out over the Warspite and Arizona based on the speed alone.
  11. Playing this game in a division of 2 or 3 players, all at good skill levels makes it a lot more enjoyable and relaxing. The competitive clan battles are certainly something worth doing, but 90% of your time in game is going to be derping around and grinding lines. Having a bigger Discord base of players on-line is going to lead to a better overall experience for those clan members, especially if they are all above a certain minimum skill level. 3/4 of my battles are solo, and my solo win rate is a respectable 54% overall running at 59% over the last 60 days. I play a lot more divisions since joing RUST and my combined 2 and 3 man division win rate is 60.2% with it being 66.2% over the last 60 days. I am easily running a 6% higher win rate just from divisioning with similar and slightly higher and lower skilled players. That is about the best reason I can think of to join a clan, because winning more and with your buddies is a far more enjoyable usage of my entertainment time. I work an evening shift 4 days a week, so the bulk of my time is gaming in the mornings and on weekends - I still have the second most Oil generated for my clan at 5,110 barrels - so I am still contributing to the clan even with my weird schedule. If you ever want to division with a bunch of the guys from this sub-forum ( @MntRunner, @cheereereerios, @Rodrigopine, @Jarkorsis, @How_Terrible, @map381, @yoyoya2, @TheHolySpork, @ncc81701, @Shadowfury, @MaxL_1023 are all currently in RUST ) just PM me for a Discord link and hop on in, we love having the non-psychotic wotlabbers to division with us, and you would be playing with guys right at or above your current skill level.
  12. PM sent! LOL - it kills me to watch the follow up posts on the WoWs forum in the "Looking for Clan" sub-forum. It's always the same 6-7 horribad clans that go after any new player like a dog for it's favorite chew toy. They make no effort to explain why they think you might be a good fit, or what they have to offer you in the actual body of their reply, just the robotic "PM sent!" The most egregious clan is TSG4 - whose commander, Nocona, has a whopping 44.82% win rate over his 6950 battles. They have 3 other sub clans, each with similarly pedestrian members. It's set up in some pseudo military style, where people earn navy ranks in the clan by posting proof of completing clan objectives ... ugh. It takes all types I guess. I'd join a Wolf clan before I had to submit to a "port" inspection ..lol. Thankfully MntRunner let me into RUST when the clans first started forming, it was the perfect fit for me ( not sure how well it went for them ). We just went through a situation where we had a guy that had all the right stats, and played well in Clan Battles, but he was a shit stirrer. Slowly but surely he drove 2-3 members out by being just annoying enough to make them not like hanging out there anymore. That was a little wake up call to the leadership, stats are nice and certain minimums have to be hit, but most people can grow by playing around other good players, so if a guy has the right personality make up for the clan, it's just as important as his starting skill level. Good luck Pyscodiver, you will eventually find a good fit clan, if you are even looking for one.
  13. Vampire is kind of a disappointment as well. I mean sure, what kind of expectations can you have for a tier 3 anyway ....
  14. The Chapy is quite good in a division, trading long range radar for the smoke on Kutuzov. That being said, from facing enemy Cruisers, the Charles Martel seems to have the best guns, hitting harder than the typical 155's of the Mogami. I rarely see C.Martels in divisions, perhaps they are like their tier 9 and 10 brothers, best used as lone wolves?
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