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  1. The thing that gets me is you know when you start the battle right you start to load your weapons. Right so why do CV's get to launch squads off their fight decks? where is the bringing of aircraft onto deck from the hanger then launched? Didn't all aircraft need to warm their engines before taking off? I remember specifically the Graf Zeppelin was intended to have an oil warming system to avoid this.
  2. Wait where is your proof? you can't go around saying they are going to Nerf this without information. Where are your sources? how nice of you to show and scream from the mountains saying the world is going to end?
  3. When was "never again" ever true. The psychology of saying something is limited and never coming back is disgusting.
  4. damn this tank got hit hard by time, I wonder if a tiger buff along the lines of increasing dpm and buffing turret armor along with a slab of more hit points is gonna give this new life. This just begs the question if its only the guns on the German heavy tank line that makes them fit their tiers why not drop them down a tier. I think i remember them testing stock tanks one tier lower than their tech tree counterparts.
  5. All they are god damm doing is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Apparently we are getting content in seasons. So apparently we are getting Israeli tanks with an armor viewer they talked about fuck about ages ago, we have a broken pvp event that has a maximum tier of 7 that allows a 3 man platoon to face off against an mixed uncoordinated opposition. These developers are slow to handle the current situation in pvp, where we have afvs that utilize a commander who has reduced vision loss from seeing through foliage, has view range skills and increased camouflage from bushes basically all passive skills that work 100% of the time. Versus Commanders who have the possibility to get increased view range but these skills must be activated by being spotted! (good game design idiots) 10 second duration and have a cool down of 30 seconds. Oh man the camo stacking was so bad that with this commander and vehicle build you had to proxy spot them at 50m they just made a recalculated camo calculator that brought it to a bearable 145m minimum spotting distance for the build mentioned. With the fact that there is a lack of aps systems to deal with missiles, and the camo loss from firing missiles is easily reset leads to situations where you get atgm to death in 2-3 missiles on average. Why die in 2-3 missiles because atgms deal bonus damage of 30% if their penetration exceeds 80% armor thickness where they impact so an atgm that deals 550 on a sub optimal hit on the front of an mbt with side shots will deal a massive damage bonus of 715 and it has bonus module damage to apply to the vehicle as well. HEAT shells and missiles will be completely rebalanced. They will receive the same base damage as AP shells of the same caliber but, unlike AP shells, their damage will progressively increase with the remaining shell penetration. This difference is calculated by deducting the penetrated armor thickness from the shell’s penetration roll. For 80% or more penetration remaining, the shell will receive 30% bonus damage (40% for HEAT-MP and other HEAT shells with fragmentation effect) For only a small amount of penetration remaining, the shell will receive 10% bonus damage Between these two values, the bonus scales linearly Oh and here is the kicker there was an atgm warning icon back before balance 2.0 they fucking removed it sighting it disadvantaged atgm players due to warning the opposition where fire was coming from and its now a retrofit to install on vehicles with only 3 slots available. Yeah so to spot an atgm you have to use eyeball mark 1. Basicly pvp boils down to vision control if they have an afv and your forced to cross an open area your fucked. You've loss vision control and rushing them down is inviting a cross fire and with the dire state of pvp resorting to 3 versus 3 skirmishes.
  6. The best people to hire from your enemies are the ones that hate them the most, forget about skills your hated of the competition makes you an instant yes man in their eyes.
  7. Hey you know how world of tanks has issues, well I've got one to one up that shit. Say Hello to loot boxes in Armored Warfare. Yes you heard that shit. These assholes are sick of selling re-skins so they are now selling loot boxes. "Okay I've seen stupid but this is advanced stupid, I think alcohol won't solve this, god war gaming looks like saints compared to this shit going down why have competition if all they do is shoot themselves in the foot. I can't even think what the marketing department was smoking or drinking maybe they are playing 4th dimensional Chess." Oh you know the campaign exclusive Abrams AGDS yeah they couldn't resist money grubbing it, You know the Armata with the 152mm gun selling as a premium, LOL chinese server exclusive Type 99A2-140, being sold and the Object 640 black eagle. https://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?174450-Legendary-Reinforcements https://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?176193-Legendary-Reinforcement-of-the-Day-Type-99A2-140 And then they heavily discounted the boxes which pissed off the suckers who brought early And then they fucked up what dropped from the Boxes They Fucked up so much that they had to close down their gambling operation and offer compensation to fix this shit and call off the day sales for the whole week.
  8. So any ideas what on earth are they going to do about the Jagdtiger 88? I remember it got buffed before wargaming went full retard with the defender, AMX M4 mle. 49 and T26E5? Yeah there are 2 tier 8 tech tree heavy tanks languishing in the corner "cough" Tiger 2 and KV-4 I think the AMX 65 t was made to make them look decent.
  9. Why on earth is the cupola so heavily armored?
  10. Oh yeah you need to watch out for the destroyer ambushes the little pricks if not focused they will torp the shit out of the Richelieu. Don't panic about the 4 german BB's when they show up the Bismark is the first one to target he goes full ham into your group and is easy to focus fire the other will take the time going around the side of the island to attack. Watch out for the Scharnhorst it will wreck cruisers with its 11 inch guns only worry about the others if they get close within 6km and launch their torps. Basically after the repair zone is at 1 min send someone out to intercept the first destroyer ambush they will ether attack from the west or east depending on which way the exit point is located if its in the north they come from the northeast if its in the west they come from the southwest. There is a Bayern with them you want to aggro the destroyers to make them drop their torps in your direction instead of them going for the Richelieu and to light them up for the rest of your team. Just before the finish line there is a second destroyer ambush you have to agrro them or meat shield the Richelieu they will drop torps in the narrow choke point before the exit point if your really aggressive in a French BB you can force them to torp you near the map border instead of the Richelieu path clean them up and that will give you the time window to rush the carrier just watch out for its cruiser escorts.
  11. Oh Yeah Destroyer Camo doesn't scale up that well in later tiers, also somehow cruisers and Battleships get stealthier through black magic. Man how on earth do you guys deal with the power gap between a tier 8 versus 9 and 10. Because the higher tier ships get more deadlier through the introduction of MBM3 or an increased number of guns. I understand why the high tier meta forces concealment, is it the increased engagement ranges force hard cover engagements to limit fire against you.
  12. Alright managed to get the mission for all the ships Bretagne- standard 10 gun 340mm BB at tier 5, can't beat the Iron Duke for HE Spam, can't beat the Konig for toughness, at least it has the range going for it 18.1km when they fix the bug currently with HE having a higher range than AP. Has 22 139mm secondaries that fire HE great for laughing at the sight of them firing like a man o war. It has better midrange AA than an top hull New York seriously 44dps at 3.5km vs 28 for the new york and it blows the new york short range out of the water with an 3km range with 60dps versus 28 for 2km range on the new york. Normandie- First French Shotgun, better than the Fuso in the sense of concentration of firepower, easy to train turrets on target, No AA defense even on top hull like seriously it runs with less than 60 overall AA dps at tier 6 it scraps the Barrel at 51. It's got speed 29 knots. Lyon- More Dakka for the French gods, why not get a 16 gun broadside top hull gives you an American Style AA refit, like spam all the bofors, issue is you'll start to realize the limitations of the 340mm guns when your compatriots are running around with 16 inch guns or 16.1 if your the japs. Richelieu - Concentrate all firepower forwards, the ship, you can give a little angle to bring the secondaries some chipping power, don't let the bow tanking get to your head because you are fresh meat for Yamato's and Musashi's the speed boost pushes you out to a 34.5 knot top speed. You got that top hull American AA refit seriously with BFT and AFT you push the mid range bofors out to 267 dps for 4.2km range it gives the North Carolina a run for its money with the same skills it goes to a 285 dps for 4.2km range.
  13. Ah okay thanks for the tips yeah got a fully upgraded Bayern I didn't know about the difference in the shell velocity until you mentioned it. Yeah your right I didn't like the long range performance of the shells they spend too much time floating back to earth. Yeah I'm not a fan of showing broadside I prefer the wiggle in and wiggle out to get guns on targets. Otherwise do I need to change my aiming point I usually aim for the upper belt on German battleships for the penetration damage is it worth aiming at the waterline belt for other battleship targets? Otherwise love the over match capability of the 15 inch guns when they want to work.
  14. I'm just having trouble adjusting to the Bayern' gunnery style, I've had shots completely deviate from center around 5-6km against dds, not used to the over penetration of the shells against soft targets. I don't feel comfortable with the engagement range of 12-14km. I'll probably take some time in the training room to train on the guns. I guess I need a few points and tips on the ship.
  15. Hi Gents quick question I've gotten up to the Bayern the tier 6 German BB I hate her guns god the floating shells are absolute shit, the back turrets have really shit angles, I've been spoiled by the warspite and its punchy guns.
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