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  1. I knew this was an April Fool's joke as soon as Garbad said he had a girlfriend.
  2. Sixth sense is for pussies. Kidding, of course. I have it on every tank.
  3. Hey guys - just joined and posted my first question (). This looks like a great forum. It should definitely help me (and others) improve our gameplay and (hopefully) make the transition to purple.
  4. Thanks Tito. I had assumed that a different loadout would be the exception to the rule (and thus there wouldn't be a ton of responses), but maybe not! I'm particularly interested in the American autoloaders (T69, T54E1 and T57) and Russian mediums (T-54, T-62A and Obj. 140), but responses on any tanks are appreciated (I'm grinding several lines). Thanks in advance.
  5. My standard setup for pubbie matches is first aid kit, repair kit and fire extinguisher. Are there any particular Tier 8-10 tanks that purple poasters use a different setup for, such as gas or gold food?
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