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  1. Its top gun is stupidly overpowered, if it weren't for the glacial speed it would be OP... Oh wait... Anyways, just hang in there, it gets better.
  2. Am I the only one that is absolutely annihilating seals with this? You can't hide from its gun due to the impossibru high arc. The same high arc gives you fairly frequent penetrations and high damage non-pens. Light tank speed fixes, and even goes beyond, the only thing that kept the Bishop from being pants-on-head retardedly OP. It's like WG completely forgot why they had to nerfbat the SU-26. Seriously, whose idea was it to give this thing amazing everything but alpha?
  3. Even if not confirmed, note that damaged is like... 75% hit points in many cases. A 100 health ammo rack would only take 13 more hitpoints of damage before turning yellow. For this reason I would only use the WAR for tanks prone to detonation.
  4. How much of a player's skill do you think is essentially innate and unlearnable within reason? I ask because I feel as though I simply cannot improve much beyond where I am currently. I have tried to self analyze and I am not sure of what I could do beyond simply having better reflexes and cognitive prediction. I guess another question would be how do you provoke further improvement when you start to plateau?
  5. That program cannot differentiate between maximum gun depression and frontal gun depression. It cannot depress that much in game, and DEFINITELY won't clip with the headlight.
  6. Thats not correct. The change is that both the E-50 and E-50M have 6 degrees over their front plate and 8 degrees over their sides. As for the ramming, while it is a tragic loss the increase in effectiveness makes it worth it.
  7. IS-7. For a while it was the king tank in Clan Wars, until the T110E5 rolled right in and kicked it to the curb. I do still remember being in a strat running 10 IS-7s, and it would be considered a good strat. You would use a T-54 or two for scouts and three arty and BAM.... Clan Wars viable.
  8. What i suggest disregards historicity at times, so be warned if that bothers you. My "fixes" are built to give every tank a role it is best at, as well as resolve any obvious issues. 1. Nerf Foch damage per shot from 850 to 750, nerf its track traverse speed so it can't turn as well, but leave its actual speed alone. 2. Slightly increase T57 out of clip reload time, leave in clip reload time and other such stats alone. 3. Give the FV 4202 a real gold round, buff turret ring armor. 4. Maus to 3600 HP, Turret to 280mm. 5. IS-4 to 2700 HP and/or UFP to 160mm. 6. Buff IS-7
  9. It should be noted that the second armor plate was *never* modeled in the first place. It was simply additively combined with the main armor on the chassis. Only the outermost plate actually counts as spaced armor.
  10. It won't be a staple, but I see it becoming more common on maps like Highway and Malinovka. It only takes a 20 degree angle to bounce the T110E5's HEAT rounds more than half the time and at a distance juking and RNG will increase the chance of the E-50M being hit at a strong point.
  11. How? It can bounce the T110E5 over half the time on its UFP. That makes it quite formidable. It can now easily square off against several other tanks from afar and win consistently. Up close is a bit more iffy, but its armor is plenty trollish considering its high speed and good gun.
  12. Old HEAT did not ever worry about ricochet, meaning you could point and click virtually any tanks roof outside of some German box tanks for automatic penetration. New HEAT ricochets at 10 degrees. Some tank roofs are at a shallower angle than 10 degrees. AP and APCR can overcome their ricochet weakness through caliber overmatch, but old HEAT was truly supreme in its lack of a need to overmatch anything.
  13. Do note that using APCR means you must worry about 20 degrees of ricochet, rather than the 10 HEAT must deal with. This means you cannot auto penetrate tank roofs or properly done reverse angling like you could with HEAT.
  14. Would like to point out... This weakspot is not very accessable from the front. There is a 200mm thick extremely sloped piece of spaced armor in front of that 30mm area. That said, it does make the E-100 considerably weaker to splash. 8.5 8.6v2 That spaced armor extends to the bottom up the UFP. You would have to be a very short tank face-hugging it to get around that 200mm spaced armor.
  15. Internet tanks are serious business.

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