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  1. The Mogami is not bad at all for Tier VIII. It also works somewhat OK as an AA platform minus the Defensive Fire, Hydro is a better sell to deal with DDs. Hope the consumables had separate slots but oh well.
  2. It's been some time since I last played (0.5). Has Cleveland's AP round been buffed? I had a game in my Myoko just now where a pair of Cleves did significant, reliable damage against me with AP, even against angled sides.
  3. Is retraining time-efficient (with the 200k credit shortcut) for a captain with 10-11 points?
  4. It is of historical corectness, tovarish ))))
  5. Hope the hull upgrade on the Kongo is worth it. Stock it feels very fragile against AP even at extreme angles, and the stock AP round has reduced effectiveness against T5 or T6 US BBs. The dispersion with GFCS 1 is nice though.
  6. I started dabbling in US watercancer. The Bogue is almost 4k XP away and I'm wondering, should I use the strike air group config or the fighter one? I'm leaning towards the former but the complete lack of fighters troubles me. How can I deal with it?
  7. I play the Omaha as a cruiser hunter and the damage you can do with AP is hilarious. I cringe when I see other Omahas firing HE at me.
  8. I find that when I exceed the altitude by a great amount that my planes becomes a flying brick and loses energy too fast. Maybe I am biased and that doesn't actually happen to that extent...
  9. This is for ace pilto light fighters. How do people position themselves at the start of the match relative to the rest of the pack (gaining altituted towards the top end of the optimum band is a given) to avoid getting instaggibed at the first pass and to keep themselves in the game, without being too far behind? Also, do you gravitate towards the middle or the edges of the map?
  10. I have a 12 inch Velodyne subwoofer and the new sounds were really great. You could really feel the impact of the guns firing. Having been to an excersise where a few L7A3 Leo1A5s were firing 30 meters ahead of us (we were the main infantry force following the tanks after a small detachment crossed a river in M113s, estabilishing a perimeter and allowing the engineers to set up bridges), the new sounds were spot-on. Sadly, it seems that the opinions of people with gayman headsets and Logitech surround systems prevailed. The same people that like Gnomefather's distorted crap I bet.
  11. ferongr


    I just uninstalled WT. GF were kinda mediocre and not really enjoyable to play while at the same time being very unpolished and and half-finished (more like a late alpha). In the end, I tried but didn't really manage to entertain myself. Some lame remarks from an elitist community ("hurr wottard who cares about stats play4fun") sealed the deal.
  12. ferongr


    The calculations in this video are incorrect. You will not connect your first shot like this, especially with low velocity guns that require more accurate ranging due to the great elevation required. Somebody already linked https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?showtopic=140764 in this thread and this is the correct way to range your gun.
  13. ferongr


    Fire at the driver's viewport. You will kill the driver, gunner and possibly commander in one shot and cripple the vehicle. Then it's just a matter of flanking it and killing it for good or shooting at the front of the right side of the hull (just behind the gun barrel) to ammo-rack it.
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