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  1. @sr360 Very nice job! That seriously gave me a good laugh. As a reward for your effort here our last meeting slides for your consumption. Esprit De Corps Community Meeting 07.31.15
  2. At the Battle of Choisin Reservoir, Puller and his men found themselves holed up in the town of Koto-ri, completely surrounded by ten full Divisions of Chinese Infantry hell-bent on killing every American they could find. Heavily outnumbered, and fighting in sub-zero temperatures, Puller’s troops broke the enemy lines, smashed through seven enemy divisions, and then stayed behind as a rear guard, bearing the brunt of the Chinese onslaught so that the rest of the Marines could complete their retreat (Puller refused to refer to it as a retreat, however, he preferred to call it, “attacking in a
  3. All joking aside, I find that it's a good way to pass information. Gamers are visual people. I find a visual medium to be a good way to capture and present information. Also most don't want to just sit in a channel and hear a guy ramble on. More importantly it keeps the conversation on track and ensures any meeting isn't derailed. With that said, Slack and Excel are by far the most valuable tools I have for leading. Now in regards to turn ons, it's pretty basic: A perfectly cooked medium rare/rare steak, an aged whiskey, and a woman to share both with. Oh and just for you Marine, Chesty Pul
  4. Gentlemen, A lot to digest to for sure. Since I see a lot of friends and well respected members of our community, I'll go ahead and try to answer some of the topics/comments that have been brought up. Background: I think the best place to start is what our goals and values are in this community. When the community first formed under C100, it was meant to be an extended friends list who had enough active participants that would could compete in end-game content with likely skilled players. We didn't have a top end caller, we didn't have a significant World of Tanks Community Personality.
  5. Blue 5 established their name last night for sure and it was an honor to showcase how effective their type of strategy was in defeating Otter, VILIN, and us. If they continue to recruit slowly and effectively, we could be seeing a very strong community based upon the type of ethos that this game needs. I look forward to seeing communities like yours participate in the next tournament and be the next one to make some surprising wins. After all, they don't call it March madness for nothing. Overall the tournament saw some great battles in both group play and the finals. If you didn't get to se
  6. Great thread Killer. I will say that playing with Killer or observing his play is something that everybody should do once in this game. His in game skill is only exceeded by his mature personality. I look forward to more replays from Killer and his real life freeing up a bit more so he can be a force in Strongholds, tournaments, and clan wars. Inchon
  7. Shade, I sent you a message via PM. Please feel free to review and reply back with any questions. Inchon PS: And if I was to make an assumption off of your avatar, Semper Fidelis.
  8. I wanted to say thank you to the WoTlabs community for the support and encouragement we've received from many individuals both in and out of game. It really shows that even though this community has it's few odd balls, there are some mature and professional individuals that enjoy this game and want to see people succeed. Inchon
  9. Without a replay, it is pretty hard to give specific advice. With that said, I would suggest working on "swapping HP." When you said you're picked off first when working with groups, you might want to take 1-2 hits and then back off and let somebody else take point. Remember that staying alive is key because you still have 100% offensive power only if you're at 10% HP. Other tips would be to: 1) make sure you are paying attention to the mini map at the beginning. Pay attention to your scouts and what they spot. Position yourself accordingly. 2) Just because you have speed, doesn't m
  10. After working 1 on 1 with a few trainees from the "other forum" for the last 2-3 months, I have a feeling it's time to accept another padawan into the fold and help out. To refresh, my info is as follows: Role: Mentor Name: Inchon Online: 10pm - 1am EST most nights. Tanks: Primary Focus on American Tanks. (I have them all). Also have the entire French light/medium line, German TD line, and a mixture of Russian tanks up to tier 7. Comms: I would request that you install mumble, but could go to your own Teamspeak or Ventillo. Background: My playstyle is focused on maneuver warfare t
  11. Without seeing replays, it is hard to evaluate each game. What is interesting to me is how you mention that you died last. I would be hesitant to think that dying last makes you the best team player on your side. Some of the best players will take the advantage of a weak point and "lead a charge" at a critical point in public games. Even though this charge may lead to their death. Also make sure you are learning to swap out HP. Or in other words, be at the point of contact with the other team. Once you see one tank get low on HP, move in front and take the next few hits.
  12. Looking forward to be part of a community that rises above clan tags and instead looks out for the betterment of the community.
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