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  1. Incredible. Just came off of an amazing 7-0 run in the AMX 50-100. Scored 8 kills, and had some decent damage output as well. It's strength is standing off, and being a support. Trying to lead a rush is pointless, but so is staying so far back that you don't spot anyone. The tank has decent mobility, so it can flank, and, if needed flex back to base to defend, or cover another flank that may be in trouble. I am learning more how to play this tank, but so far, I can see what needs to be done.
  2. This tank, so far for me, seems to work better at range, and when one can get flanking shots. In those cases, my damage output is pretty good. However, when I am at, or near the top, I get carpy team-mates complaining about my positioning, saying I should be leading the rush, because "you have an OP auto-loader". Well, leading the rush in this thing is not the place to be. Yes, you can deal damage, but, when the drum is expended good luck retreating while the drum reloads. When setting up to work from the tanks apparent advantages, I invariably find myself trying to shore up a collapsing fl
  3. I just acquired it. Not sure the best way to play it. I have kitted it out with binocs, Gun laying drive, and vents. Crew is 100%. I can see where this tank has the potential to really deal the hurt, I just can't figure out if I should be leading the rush, in the rush, or laying back a bit, due to the long (47.54 second) reload time on the drum. Any advice would be helpful.
  4. I love the T29. It's fun to be top tank in a Tier 5-7 battle, and go hull down, on, Karelia, perhaps, or on HImmelsdorf behind the one building... if you allow only your turret to show, you will have Steel Wall to spare. As top, or near top tank, it can be trollish vs Tier 5 and 6. However, don't show your sides, or lower front hull... the fun may come to a quick end if you do that...
  5. After looking in to things a bit more, regardless of the website I access, be it WoT for gaming, or Food Network, You Tube, and even, it would appear, the VPN I use to connect to work (I work from home) has to pass through those 4 nodes. It doesn't matter how many hops come after that, it's those first four that are killing me. I guess it's back after the Tech Support folks on Monday.
  6. I am having a heck of time with ping and lag lately. No, it's not Telia.net, either. It is my ISP. I have run Ping Plotter quite a bit lately. And, I have noticed that the first four hops past my "homeportal" or router here at home, all suffer packet loss. Constantly. Anywhere from 50 to 100 percent loss, and then occasionally, the routers will error out, and I will get a "destination unreachable" error. Is there a way to route my traffic around this bottle neck? Most of the time, I can play without issue, but lately it's been about 1 in every 5 games that I am unable to move,
  7. I play for fun. winning=fun more wins=more fun, so therefore, I play to win to have fun..... In all seriousness though, I do analyze (not very deeply) what I do wrong, and what I do right, and try to keep doing the right thing.
  8. There is nothing worse than being a Tier 7 heavy in a game full of Tier 9 heavies, or a Tier 5 medium in a game full of Tier 7 heavies. I still roll out for the fight. Generally my tank's life is very exciting and very short, in games like those, but I would rather roll out and try to do something, then sit around and definitely do nothing. I have actually been pleasantly surprised, many times in the past, how a Tier 8 heavy, or even, Tier 9 heavy will ignore my Panther, while I shoot his sides and rear, penning him for a pittance off of his 2000 HP total, but I have scored upwards of
  9. So, wait... The stuff we found is NOT him? And the other stuff some of the stuff led to is NOT him? Now, I am scared.
  10. I have a very high tolerance for most internet behaviors... I can read troll after troll, bad post after bad post, and it doesn't get to me. Jsnazz got to me. He reminds me of the kid from my neighborhood, who was always shoehorning his way into our pick-up baseball games at the park, or our street hockey games on on the old tennis courts. He would claim to know the game back and forth, would totally suck at playing, and then, brag endlessly about the one hit he got, or one one goal he scored, and use that as proof that he was an excellent player, and the rest of us were bad. He pla
  11. Why did I Google? Why? Morbid curiosity? I really have to stop that. I only looked at a few things, I promise.. I may now have nightmares? I really used to think that Jsnazz was someone's alt, or just somebody screwing around. I have since discovered that, A: He appears to be real. B: He really is a dumb as a box of rocks C: I am not surprised that someone this clueless exists. I know I should be surprised, but deep down, I knew it was only a matter of time before I found this level of stupidity in a person. I am tearing my eyes way from this train wreck, and going to
  12. I have a Panther in my garage. Been there for awhile, but I don't take it out much. I need help playing this thing. I like it, I really do, I just can't buy a win in that tank to save my life. I love the RoF of the top gun, and it's accuracy. Damage is not all that great. My kill ratio in the Panther is about the lowest of all of my tanks. I can't seem to get much done in this vehicle, and was looking for suggestions. I have been in a few battles with Panthers on my team. In one case, the Panther on my team scored 11 kills, using the 75mm L/100. Otherwise, I have seen sco
  13. Don't confuse today's modern submarine capabilities with the capabilities of WWII era subs. WWII era subs were generally slow, both surfaced and submerged (15-20 knots surfaced, and about 5-7 knots submerged). Their batteries gave them short endurance. WWII subs had to surface frequently (generally at night) to run their diesels and recharge their batteries. There were no homing torpedoes of any substance in widespread use. Sonar was woefully lacking. Subs had passive and active sonar, but the capabilities of both were not suited for any kind of long range listening, unlike today's
  14. I have camo trained crew, camo net, and the "gold" camo on my VK3601. From what I can tell, I am pretty invisible when I am stationary behind a bush. I have opened fire, and managed to get a few rounds off before being spotted.
  15. I generally do that. Somtimes, especially as of late, I have been trying to fight my way to a winning record for the day. Trying to do that resulted in me going 7-18 in one day, a couple of weeks ago.
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