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  1. Haven't played the KV-3 myself, so don't have much insight on the tank itself. Skillwise I second the proposal to have the repair skill as a priority and sixth sense for the commander. If you can spare the credits laying drive and stabilizer do wonders aswell.
  2. I may be a complete potato here, but how does that sidepanel-thingamajig work? Nevermind me.
  3. A reroll after that many battles sure doesn't sound sensible. In the end, it's all up to you though.
  4. Already unlocked the PTA myself, but haven't bought it yet in the fear of it being hellishly difficult to play and master. This thread is just what I need so many thanks to you, good sirs.
  5. Very well said. We all know how hard this can feel sometimes, but it's certainly worth the effort. This makes the game more enjoyable for everyone.
  6. A sound plan. On a side note, I'm never going back there now that I've tried the tasty goodness that is this forum.
  7. Just to keep things cool and civil I'm not getting into this debate. It is just how I feel about certain kind of mods. You are free to do and use what you will. No hard feelings.
  8. I personally find this highly questionable... Would never use such, dare I say it, a cheat.
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