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  1. Why bother anyway? Your boss has a hard on for me. Would be interesting to see what his next trigger word is. 1. Salt 2. Hospital 3. CW3.0 will fix everything 4. ???????
  2. Annnnddddd....suprise....i got ROed for 7 days by Banitha for saying "CW3.0 will fix everything" If i'm not mistaken the famous tagline by Ezz was "CW2.0 will fix everything" Seems someone missed that....my meaning was that the fix to all the spamming by viets will come in CW3.0. Does this prove my point? Vendetta much?
  3. @wasaabi and @neokai Alrite no need for apologies, but seriously am quite disturbed about my petty ban. Little birds have told me that Tan ended up in hospital over PAX weekend. The same time my infamous "forums is a lifeless, sterile hospital" post. And i was RO by Tan because of that. Is this not a personal vendetta? Neo, you said I was taking a jab at Tan and WG with what I wrote. Well technically I was not, at Tan (cos ironically, I do not keep track of which WG staff is in hospital or not) but yes at WG, cos I am not the only one. Mods should be neutral instead of taking things perso
  4. Thanks for the headsup wasaabi, however the damage is done. So who banned me in the 1st place? And for what reasons? The reasons i am asking is, I was not informed and adviced on what constitutes bad posting. I was not giving an official "RO for 3, 5, 7, or 9 days ban". My posting was disabled pending further review. So what was the result of the review or the review even happened? Seems that at the whims of someone in the moderation team, you get targetted for the most petty of reasons to me. I feel a personal vendetta vibe here by someone. Please correct me if i am wrong.
  5. Since some mods from WOT SEA are lurking around here....i would like to know how long will my posting be disabled? Please give me a constructive reason why i am banned? All i got was that i did some serial bad post...if so please show to me what was the bad post? The silence from mods for the past 8 days is deafening, to say the least. I assume it was describing the WG forums as a sterile, lifeless hospital. Negative yes, but does that warrant a prolong, secret ban to me? After my post got rugged, i frustratingly commented that "ohhh....my post got rugged. Truth hurts". There ar
  6. Welcome to my world saffee. Getting ban with no place to appeal. It has been 8 days that my posting has been disabled with no official warning or RO ban. All for saying the forums have turned into a lifeless, sterile hospital.
  7. heyo peeps....just dropping in to say hi.... so how's WOT doing? has warpackers been banned yet? is it still japanese tomato land?
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